Sunday, November 30, 2014

Second Semester

The day before Thanksgiving brought us another report on College Boy Kolby. The check marks continue in all the positive boxes and Kolby continues to hold off on getting check marks in the behavior boxes that need improvement. So in a nutshell, he is working really well on campus. I am very pleased. 

He continues with his same trainer, Amanda, and this is what she typed about the specifics of Kolby: 

"This month we have introduced the tug and step commands and Kolby is doing well in training. He continues to show some insecurity during training, but we are working on this. Kolby is attentive to his handler and gives good eye contact throughout his training sessions. On field trips Kolby is calm and is well behaved in public. We have started to generalize known commands in the wheelchair and he is retrieving several different items. Kolby continues to play well with other dogs and loves to snuggle with his handler during grooming sessions."

I don't know any additional information about the insecurity mentioned, but I wish I did since it has appeared in his last two reports. I wonder what it is that he is doing which gives the trainer signs that he is insecure. I'm not too surprised, but I am curious. If he is asking to leave college early, then he better step it up a notch because the rest of his report shows signs that they feel he can make it.   

If he continues to stay, I wonder if this is a sign that he will be asked to wait an additional three months to graduate; which is what Haddie chose to do. If the trainers feel that a dog has the strong potential to graduate, but they need some minor fine tuning before graduating - then the trainer will opt to keep the dog for extra months until the next rotation of graduation. 

The life of a Puppy Raiser at this stage is a lot of hurry-up and wait. Every time I get a report it feels like Christmas morning, unwrapping the first gift to see what is inside. And then when it is revealed, the wait continues for that next gift - but unlike Christmas, you have to wait an entire month. 

It will be fun to see what transpires in the next two report cards, but from this Puppy Raiser's view, we are getting soooo close to February!!  I can't wait to see if we get a phone call or a letter to enter Team Training. 

Missing you, Kolby, but I am so proud of your report cards. If you want to come home, I suggest you just let it be known (politely, of course) because I think we all know you can make it!! Be confident and finish strong. LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Match Call Anniversary

A year ago today, my friend treated me to a yummy lunch at John Howie Steak. She had made a purchase of a gift card to this restaurant from our Canine Companions' Auction that October. During that lunch I received THE call from James that Haddie had made a final match with Sharon. This is the call that I had hoped would happen since the moment we picked up Haddie at the airport in August 2011. I was literally shaking with excitement, my friend had to hold the paper steady so I could keep writing all the details about Sharon that James was sharing. We would leave two days later for Santa Rosa to see Haddie again, and to meet Sharon and her family.

The start of an incredible new chapter. I am so very thankful.