Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We arrived at Fair before the gates opened to set up our place on the bench that Haddie and my son were assigned. Our area at the Fair was the last dog aisle before the chickens, pigeons, rabbits, and agricultural booths began. We had strict instructions to only enter through the West Door - no cuts through the East Door to stress out the little critters behind us. Once the Public was allowed to enter, it was Show Time.
The first event was Showmanship; think West Minister Dog Show. While this has very little to do with CCI Commands, the dogs were expected to stay Standing while their Handler fiddled with their feet and tail, and showcased their clean teeth to the Judge when asked. This may sound easy, but it really is a challenge. Do you know how often a dog wants to sit when there is nothing else to do, and when their legs are purposefully being moved by someone else?
When Haddie and my son first learned this technique in late Spring, Haddie was famous for plopping her bum on the ground. You touch, she sat. He worked with her at home until she realized that she had to maintain her Stand regardless of people touching her. She finally got it, and those times in the Ring at Fair when she started to lower her back-end, my son was quick to correct her. She never made complete contact with the floor.

Based on my son's age, he was in the Junior Category all weekend. Based on Haddie's age she was listed as an Intermediate. Combined they were entered in the Junior Intermediate Division at Fair.
My son enjoyed his first time in the Ring, but not knowing really what to expect he didn't have too much weight on the outcome. He just didn't want to receive too harsh of critiques by any Judge. He was calm, and did his best, and that was that.
Until he received his final score and pulled a Junior Champion Ribbon for Showmanship. Then he was fired up and ready to rock it for all the additional events yet to come. Nothing like being motivated by an outstanding, highest possible, first performance!
After all the Divisions completed their first round, my son and Haddie were called back to the ring to square off between all the other Junior Champions for Showmanship. The first round of scoring was based on personal achievement - not judged against any person. The second round, however, was scoring to see of all the Champions, who was the Grand Champion.
They used their same dogs for this round, but also had an equalizer dog; a former Service Dog named Edward. The contestants had to also perform Showmanship with this large fella.  That way, in case a Handler's dog was being difficult, all participants got an equal chance to show their skills with the same dog; all things were then equal.
In the end, my kiddo pulled the Grand Champion title with a new ribbon, pin, and this time a Trophy. His motivation and bar to personal achievement went up another notch. His self-confidence was rising by the hour, but he maintained his great humble character.
I feel this is the best time to share that our entire family stayed humble to his success, and were great cheerleaders of our 4-H CCI co-members all weekend. But since this is my blog and this blog stays relatively private from our world, I know I am taking off humble and adding this as my avenue to gush. I am so proud of my son and Haddie!!
We didn't know what to expect from Fair. On paper it looked like a bunch of sitting on a bench, trying your skill at a dog show-style of event, talking to the public, and going home late. I am glad that on paper was not the reality of the weekend. It was jammed with so much fun, and responsibility, and activity - we all looked forward to and enjoyed the few times we did get to just sit on the bench.

Showmanship. The perfect start to our weekend at the Fair!  We had a short amount of time to change, eat our sack lunch, and get ready for Costume ... more to come ...

Goodbye for 3 weeks

There was some hidden pressure behind the scenes around here that Haddie might go into Heat before the Fair. She had been showing signs that were confirmed by her Trainer and Vet way back in July. We watched her closely and just prayed that she'd hold off until after Fair.

Worse case scenario, Haddie wouldn't go to Fair, but my son could continue to go and use another CCI puppy in training, or graduate dog. It wouldn't be the ideal situation or as meaningful as taking Haddie, but my son would get to experience Fair nonetheless.

Well, our amazing puppy did what she does best and followed the rules. We arrived home from Fair close to midnight on Sunday, relaxed all day on Monday (allowing Haddie no tie-outs, and plenty of backyard fun to energize her muscles from two days "benching" at Fair), and found Tuesday to be her day of choice to go into Heat.

What perfect planning, Haddie!! You deserve a Ribbon and Trophy for that!!

The bonus factor is that we meet for 4-H CCI class on Tuesday evenings. Which means that we didn't have to drive the two hours one-way to the Kennel to drop her off; our CCI Trainer offered to handle that for us as she lives literally 2 miles down the street from the kennel of choice.

Brilliant Haddie! After Fair and on a Tuesday!! She is some girl!

We took her to class last night, kept her kenneled while my son worked a Graduate dog for the evening, and then loaded her in the Trainer's van to be swept off for three weeks of Canine Resort Fun!
Haddie is always on my mind - I keep checking for her around the house, and thinking we need to take her some place, and looking at the clock for bathroom breaks, and seeing that she is behaving with my sweet pet ... it'll take a few days before I remember she really is having a blast someplace other than with us.

While she is away, I will take time to share the details about Fair. There will be nothing else to report until that cutie is back in our household!!

*The picture was taken at Fair - during a cuddle moment we shared on the last day. Haddie was t.i.r.e.d but rose to the challenge of sticking with her work ethic. We held this pose for a few minutes; her resting on my arm and me whispering praise to her. What a cuddle puppy. Love her. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Fair

I didn't know what we were getting ourselves into when my son joined 4-H CCI last October. I knew bits and pieces about the club, but was mostly concerned that CCI Training would stay the forefront for my son and Haddie.

As the months went along, and the weekly club meetings stayed true to CCI Training by our amazing Trainer, all the pieces started falling together. Some more sketchy than others, but in the end everything always seemed to work out.

Going along our year we continued to hear the excitement about the The Fair. I knew from my growing up years that Fair was about kids of 4-H showing their animals or projects in a public format, with rides and cotton candy, and scones wafting through the backdrop. It was about Showmanship, Confirmation, and Best in Show, Prize Winning achievements of each member's personal best. Ya' know, it was Charlotte's Web and "Some Pig" with gluttonous Templeton Rats running around at night.

Having spent (2) 16 hour days with driving and supporting my son and Haddie at the Fair, I can share that Fair is all about fun, laughter, friendship, and self-confidence. What a fantastic experience! No matter the final judging, my son was quickly dedicated and fired-up to be on display and educate the public on Service Dogs, working Haddie when it was their moment, caring for Haddie during their off-duty-time, and enjoying being a participant. He is already talking about Fair 2013.

I think a lot about our experience has to do with our club members and leaders. The parents stand back and let the kids work, hold responsibilities, and accountability. While there is no slacking, whining, taking short cuts, or sleeping on the job, there are no "backstage parent" (so to speak). It is just an underlying expectation we have among each other through the leadership of our leaders. Parents genuinely support and care for every child. It is hard to really put into words, other than our club truly is an amazing group of people.

Our leaders are firm, yet they expect just enough from each child to push them as individuals. They know each member, what they are capable of and raise the bar just enough to stretch them, and set them up for success. Never mind their amazing dog-handling and training skills, these leaders also have the human relations side of the story to make for a great team. We are truly grateful.

From Graduate dog to four month old puppies, our doggie team is just a bunch of cute wrapped up in wagging tails and snuggles. Oh my! They were the icing on the cake! The dogs were on tie-outs on benches for the weekend when they were not at work so the public could coo-over them. They would sleep piled on top of one another (amazing how such a short tie out can stretch into the oddest angles to get in their snuggles, but somehow they figure it out). They played games in the Ring when the events of the day were over and we were waiting for the Fair to close to go home. They walked the Fair with their vest on and practiced great Social Skills like any other day. They were the Rock Stars of the weekend.

Dogs and puppies rotated through the Pet Me Bench where Fair Goers could pet them with a Handler assisting and answering questions. Thankfully, a low rising metal gate kept the public away from the bench of dogs and members, otherwise the Barking Man would have been too close for comfort. Oh yes, we got one man who traveled up the gate, stopping in front of every dog, to Bark. Every. dog. to. bark. Sigh. Our dogs, nor members, were impressed and we all let him be. Whew.

There is something fun about parking the car only at row fifteen, walking into the Fair before the rides open and Scones are hot and ready, to set up and get the dogs in order, to scurry about changing clothes and watering/hurrying the dogs, and getting badges on for the Ring, to perform their best, to work quickly in reverse order to relax before having to start the process all over again, before going home when the Dog Barn interior lights turn off and the door is locked.  There is something magnetic that gets you into bed at 11a and up the next morning at 6a to start another day at the Fair just like the day prior, but with new scurry routines and hurry up and waits.

The Fair is a unique experience to remember, and I am so thankful we know what it means to participate with our 4-H CCI Club: personal achievements, club friendships, and fun.

My next post will share the specific successes that Fair spotlighted with Team Haddie ... with thousands of pictures. Get your Java ready ... you just might need it to get through the next series of posts (thanks for reading).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Television Debut

Last night the phone rang close to 9pm as I was upstairs with my face under the sink. By the time I got down the stairs my son was greeting me at the bottom rambling so fast I could barely make out the sentence. Something about "Television, Haddie, Tomorrow, Call her back".

Our 4-H Leader quickly picked up my return call to chat about a fantastic opportunity for my son and Haddie. If we were available the next morning (today), they could be on the local television magazine style of show which airs weekdays in our State. We'd have to trek into the big city, have Haddie groomed and ready to go by 9am.

Our local county fair opened today, and my son and Haddie will be participating with his 4-H group this Saturday and Sunday. The television show was featuring a segment about 4-H in general, and the Fair, and wanted kids from different groups to be interviewed with their animal in the studio.
Our Leader was currently at the Fair getting everything prepped and ready, along with other clubs and leaders doing the same thing, when word was passed around about this last minute opportunity. She thought of my son and Haddie and gave us a call. Between the Rooster crowing in the background, and dogs participating in a chorus of barks, the Leader and I exchanged all the necessary information before I hung up the phone.

Turning to my son who was literally bouncing from one couch to the next, I asked jokingly, "Do you want to be on television with Haddie?!"  Of course his answer was obvious.
Our late summer bedtime routine quickly got squashed as we went zooming through the house to make sure his 4-H Tshirt was washed and ironed, that clothes were picked out for my girl (who was going to sit in the audience with dad), Haddie was dumped in the shower for a fresh scrub (which I was planning to do on Friday morning, rather than late Wednesday bedtime hours), and our CCI Fanny Pack of treats and essentials were ready to go.

By 7:30am this morning we were hitting the road to fight commuter traffic to the city, looking good, and ready for some camera time. Once parked we saw a group of 4-H kiddos walking across the busy street carrying their Live Animal Crates to the television station. We knew we were at the right location even though the building was very scarcely marked.

I think the thing that surprised me the most was that the building was highly guarded by security. You could not get into the building without security, you can not walk through the building without an escort, and you can not leave the building without an escort. It kinda felt like we were in a highly secured Government building than a television station.

Wandering the halls this way and that, we landed in the Green Room (which was painted tan). There we sat, my son, Haddie, and I, for almost two hours before my son and pup hit the stage. In the meantime, my husband and daughter joined the audience for the taping of the entire show. I opted to stay in the Green Room and Backstage to support my son and Haddie that way. It proved to be the perfect fit and combo, because our family got to experience both sides of the industry.

While in the Green Room the 4-H kids chatted about their animals, and the Fair. It was very interesting. In the mix was a Pygmy Goat, a cat, a Sheltie, two Guinea Pigs, and a French Lop Bunny. Haddie was in sensory overload. Oh my goodness!! Fair will be so interesting this weekend.
Haddie held her manners, and it helped that we purposefully sat in one corner of the room to not freak out the other animals, and to not stir up any unnecessary puppy playfulness around the Bunny hopping on the floor, and Guinea Pigs on towels just a few steps away from Haddie. Notice her expressions in these upcoming photos (wink).
We succeeded in setting Haddie up for success as she was awesome!!! I, on the other hand, was going crazy inside hoping to just get through the Green Room experience to backstage with out a lunge from Haddie in the wrong direction or too close for comfort status. I felt like everyone's prized animals were in my care not to get trampled, or roughed up by my sweet puppy that could turn (you never know!). It turned to be the longest two hours - Ha!
Haddie finally settled after forty minutes of up and down and circles and wanting. so. badly. to. see. those. critters. on. the. floor. right. over. there! She finally fell asleep. And then it was time for an escort outside to the bathroom, and then back again to the Green Room for more curiosity. This time, however, Haddie remembered all the scents and settled much more quickly back to a nap.
Show Time!! We walked a short distance to the backstage area. The kids were given one run-through of walking out and stopping on their imaginary line. Other than that, there was no rehearsal for what question would be asked of them because it was time to air! 
My son was asked about the Service Dog program and he spoke into the microphone with confidence (he was so calm!) while the Host admired Haddie. My two looked fabulous together and I was so happy! I was watching/videotaping the backstage monitor, while our family's television was taping the show back home. Haddie perked her ears all cute like Labs do into the audience and camera (I think she spotted my girl and hubby), and maintained her heel and sit for the most part. 
Haddie did break her sit command once, but it actually fit in perfectly because the Host was reading the back of Haddie's Vest and it looked like Haddie was showing it off as she stood and slightly turned into my son to give a more side view of her beautiful vest. It was awesome - I like to think that Haddie knew exactly what she was doing. Then, she sat back down and held it until it was time to greet the audience (when the segment was over).

Back to the Green Room where we waited to finish the taping of the show. We were all so thrilled and excited that all the animals performed so well together - standing in a line side by side - all pros. It really shows how well the animals are socialized, respected, cared for, and handled by their owners. It was fantastic!

Such an exciting day - especially since it "all worked" so wonderfully for my son and Haddie. A memory they will have forever. First television experience together. Can't get much better than that!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dairy Queen Outing

Last week's CCI 4H class had an outing to Dairy Queen. Part summer celebration, part parent meeting, the outing was the perfect setting on an overly hot day for our area. It was 90-all week. It was so fun.

The kids were treated to whatever ice cream dessert they wanted, and were instructed to be with their dogs inside, while the parents and leaders took the outside patio to talk about final info for the upcoming County Fair.
The kids took up almost the entire joint and the biggest compliment came from an employee that one of our leaders had organized the event prior (getting the okay for a dozen-plus service puppies in training, and service dogs, to bombard their establishment) came out to the parent meeting to interrupt with, "Hey, can we do this again?! I haven't been so happy on my shift ever before. The kids are great, and the puppies are excellent - and so cute!" 

I think the best part was that the kids had to be in complete control of their dogs, and themselves, with out a parent or leader in site. They self-managed - a group of late teens down to kids not even out of elementary school. They only know each other through the common bond of puppy raising, or being a handler for a service dog. They live all over our area, none attending the same school. But they all get along, respect one another, and have fun.

At one point, Haddie was Under the table with four other puppies in training ranging from a few months old, to veteran ages like herself at 14 months old. My son said that ALL the puppies were asleep, or minding their own business. Those booth tables are not that large to accommodate much space between dogs, but they handled is perfectly. I was so happy to hear the report.

The kids also played a game of mixing up the seating arrangements - and then switch after five minutes to mix it up again. It gave everyone a chance to talk to everyone, and get the puppies to do an Under with different puppies. Brilliant.

And the parents got time outside to get the scoop about Fair, veterans sharing stories to rookies, and getting to know each other even better ... with no puppies or children to watch after!!

But perhaps the BEST part of the evening was when a mom received a phone call from CCI that their puppy had made a match and graduation was only three days away! The mom and family left that meeting so excited to start their drive the next morning in order to attend graduation. It was so fun to see that phone call experience.

What a neat night at a Dairy Queen Outing!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The perfect Kiddo in tow

We have been dabbling with camping just short of the last decade. My parents have a trailer and we camp at least once a summer with them. The kids bunk with my parents, while my hubby and I pitch our tent on the same campsite. Over the years we have gone from overnight - to seven nights.

This summer we determined that it was the right time to purchase an R.V. for our family. The kids didn't want to "sit and listen" to all the salesmen speak, and our deep concentration that usually follows a bigger purchase such as this, so they opted to hang with my parents, go to a drive-in movie, and spend the night.

Afterall, we promised we were just looking, and would not purchase with out the kiddos seeing it first.

Well, we all know how that goes! But we kept our promise and put a pending status on an RV so that the kids and my parents could see it the following day, and "if approved", we'd sign on the dotted line.

Haddie, however, was our kiddo in tow. She spent the day with us going from one RV Lot to the next. Our first salesman told me quickly that our pup could go inside any RV, and then continued to ask very detailed questions about the volunteer program. I think he just wanted to chat about Haddie, and not about RV's. That was a fun start.

When I saw the first entry I immediately questioned if Haddie would really go inside. The stairs were metal, with a spikier flooring used to kick off any dirt on camp shoes, they were skinny, and at a pretty good vertical slant.

I took a deep breath and commanded Haddie Let's Go and oh my goodness she went right up those stairs!! She would have never done that half a year ago.  I didn't worry the rest of the day as we went in and out, and in and out of different RV's.
Happened to be the one we purchased
Two places, however, requested that Haddie stay out of the RV. "Potential Allergies" was the excuse, rather than behavior worries, and I followed the directions. My hubby and I took turns going inside, and holding Haddie's leash outside.

It was a hot day here, so I kept Haddie in the shade when we had any down time. She was quick to lay down and take a rest. When we finally made it to the air conditioned office to sign Pending Papers, Haddie was completely comfortable Under the table, snoring, and yes, drooling. Oh, Haddie!! However, nobody knew she was there, so I gave her a passing grade.
Throughout our long day, she didn't interrupt our concentration, or ask too many questions, or whine that she was soooo booooored, or jump on the beds, or bounce in the driver's seat ... she was the perfect kiddo in tow!

In the end we purchased this RV - and our first long voyage will be to travel to California to Turn In Haddie in February.
While we slept in the RV for the first time last night (in our driveway), I admit to getting a little sad and teary to think that this is how and where we will drive Haddie to her future. From my bed, looking down the RV to the middle where her kennel will be on that final night, yep ... I will never want to sell this recreational vehicle!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Can Your Kibble do this?!

One of my favorite Puppy in Training blogs threw out this Challenge; Spell your puppies name with his/her kibble while he/she supervises. I took the challenge, and Haddie passed! Thanks, Lisa, for the great idea!
It was dinnertime. Haddie followed me to get her bowl filled up, and instead of eating in the laundry room per usual, she followed me to the kitchen area of our house. She knew she had to sit in order to get fed, but this time I spelled her name out of the Kibble in her bowl. Her look was priceless.

The girl did not move for the entire silly moments that followed. She allowed me to snap photos, and talk to her for a bit, before I put all the Kibble back into her bowl.

For CCI Standers, the pups are not to eat anything off the floor - kibble included. So I had to clean up my mess, not Haddie. Dinner time was then ready and she quickly consumed.

Another success of Haddie's Self-Control!!! Good Girl!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A lil' Physical Therapy

Ahhh, to be back in the swing of socializing Haddie. Today we ran errands, and it is always fun to have the kids by my side to take turns handling Haddie. It is hard* to multi-task with a dog solo, so having these two extra and highly effective trainers with me makes outings "Multi-Task Doable".

*hard as in splitting my focus that accommodates fully concentrating on every detail of Haddie's behavior and training, and whatever it is that I am errand running about, plus dodging any comments, questions, or physical touch by the public.

My girl claimed Haddie for the shopping at Pier One Imports. Working through the narrow aisles with the smelly-goodness throughout was a good challenge, for both the two legged and four legged. Nothing broken over a wagging tail, or curious nose - I consider it a success.
While I was paying, my girl found a bench and attempted an Under with Haddie, until she realized the bench was too low to the ground and Haddie would not fit. Wink. The above picture is of Haddie in a Down next to the bench, looking lovingly at my girl.

A few more stops that proved to be just as awesome as the first, we ended at the doctor's office. Physical Therapy for my daughter.

We have just started attending, but now have the routine down and all the medical findings worked out. I'm at the point of observing, and not having to concentrate so much on what is being discussed. It was time to bring Haddie with us.

Oh my goodness - she was the Celebrity in the office!! Our particular Therapist just wanted to take! Haddie! home! right! then!! Haddie was throwing out all the charm with her sweet personality, ultra-calm demeanor, sleeping skills, and perfect listening.
A far-cry from last night's CCI 4-H class where she was completely opposite with no listening skills or compliance. Last night was so disappointing and discouraging.  At least she knows to impress the socks off the public. Yay! And glad that she redeemed herself with us.

As we were checking out with the receptionist, our Therapist came around the counter to say goodbye to Haddie; who was sitting perfectly still and did not move through all the petting, and in her face loves. The Therapist laughed, gently poked her jokingly, and said, "Are you still breathing?!" Haha - she did resemble a stuffed animal of perfection.

Ahhh, such calm and nice outings with Haddie today.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Haddie's Home

While we have been camping in the woods, my Beagle has been on a vacation with our dear friend and Breeder of Cora, and Haddie has been with a Puppy Sitter. We were dog-less for an entire week, and I must admit, it felt pretty good. No early rising to give bathroom breaks to the four legged's and breakfast in their bellies. No training of commands, no exercising a puppy, nor shhh'ing a Beagle who protects her territory after a few days. Just our family in the woods.

We cleaned up camp in 90 degree temps, arriving home to a very stuffy house. Unloading the car, and tossing up the house windows, I called Haddie's Puppy Sitter to see if she was still with them. I left her with a "perhaps" she'd be going into heat, and an advanced "I'm Sorry" if they had to make the two hour trek to get her into the professional kennel.

Yay - she held off and she was still under their care! The kids and I jumped back in the car to bring her back home. After driving our entire afternoon to get home, we were lucky this Puppy Sitter is only a ten minute drive from our house. In the twelve months of hosting Haddie, she has had a total of 3 different Puppy Sitters, and one extended kennel stay. With that record, she is a dog that is confident in leaving to experience new environments. That will prove to be in her benefit when she returns to CCI University.

This Puppy Sitter is not currently Puppy Raising. They have raised 5 pups with a high success rate. Their last pup was released last Fall with one of those eye brows raised questions of "Really"?!? They happily took her back home. It was perfect training for Haddie this past week ... to have a dog just a little older than she, a puppy her own size, breed, and same training expectations.

When we pulled up to their house to retrieve Haddie, she was in their front gated yard playing Frisbee with their dog. I had to do a double-take to find her Blue Collar; the dogs look identical. Haddie didn't go crazy when she saw us as I had anticipated, rather she was blissfully playing with her best buddy.

We watched from the other side of the low fence line - watching the two dogs take turns catching the Frisbee, allowing their friend to grab hold too, and run together side by side. I wish I had brought my camera - it was adorable and something new for me to see about Haddie.

All her "torture" of Cora was just love. Haddie does play so well with dogs, she just really needs Cora to rise to the occasion of play, and they too could be buddies. But my sweet Beagle is just a cuddle-bug and Princess; wanting more to chill out than get rambunctious. That's okay. Haddie will save it all for her time at CCI ~ at least I know that Haddie can and does play nice. Whew!

The recap of the week:

1) Haddie is a different dog when she has her cape and gentle leader on: she is all business and very focused. Yay - I'm glad that I have noticed the same thing about Haddie; and it matches their veteran Puppy Raising experience in observing pups. She had no issues being around all the children she met at their Church (which is the same Church we attend) during Vacation Bible School last week.

2) Without commands (at home on a Release) Haddie can get a little too fancy free with her attitude. Her excitement level can rise to pure puppy. Yep, and I find that hard to control. She is not annoying or wild, but a simple example, she can get a wild race up or down the stairs to get to where she wants to go ... versus walking slowly up and down the stairs to get to where she wants to go.

3) Haddie went nose to nose with their Cat and had no issues. She was respectful and the two got along just fine. I consider the week completely worth it just with that comment, because I don't have Cats and Haddie has never been off leash around any Cat. I am so happy to hear this report. I had been thinking it was a "little late" in her training to never have been exposed to a Cat off-leash, but I am so glad that she held her positive behavior and proved it as a no-biggie.

4). The Puppy Sitter has a Doggie Spa business out of her basement. When I walked in to drop off Haddie, I immediately thought of all the great training Haddie would experience if she just sat in her shop the entire week! On the days the Puppy Sitter took Haddie with her to work, Haddie stayed put and watched dogs go in and out with out a fuss, and with out seeking attention from the four legged, or two legged clients. Happy to hear!

5). And ... playtime. Lots of playtime with their COC puppy getting all her puppy wiggles out. Haddie has been invited back anytime to play with their dog. They have the perfect acreage of fenced grass yard for the dogs to get up high rates of speed. I might need to take them up on the invite if nothing else than to get pictures of the two pups together. I'm all about memories.

The upper 90's temperature has left both dogs in a heap of sleep and panting today. We got out their doggie pool in the back yard and they've had their share of being water logged to break up the heat. It's been nice to have our two furry friends back underfoot while I unpack and do our loads of laundry.

Tomorrow is a new day - time to get back in the business of more socializing for Haddie. I am seeing her remaining time with us as crunching closer to the end.

For now, we are happy that Haddie's Home.