Friday, August 10, 2012

Can Your Kibble do this?!

One of my favorite Puppy in Training blogs threw out this Challenge; Spell your puppies name with his/her kibble while he/she supervises. I took the challenge, and Haddie passed! Thanks, Lisa, for the great idea!
It was dinnertime. Haddie followed me to get her bowl filled up, and instead of eating in the laundry room per usual, she followed me to the kitchen area of our house. She knew she had to sit in order to get fed, but this time I spelled her name out of the Kibble in her bowl. Her look was priceless.

The girl did not move for the entire silly moments that followed. She allowed me to snap photos, and talk to her for a bit, before I put all the Kibble back into her bowl.

For CCI Standers, the pups are not to eat anything off the floor - kibble included. So I had to clean up my mess, not Haddie. Dinner time was then ready and she quickly consumed.

Another success of Haddie's Self-Control!!! Good Girl!


  1. Good girl Haddie!!! YAY! Yeah, my pups were kinda upset that they didn't even get to eat it off the floor either. They just got once piece handed to them cause we have the same rule!

  2. Oh my that is so so cute. Can I tell you an experience from my perspective that just makes me appreciate this even more!! We have an SUV - after putting Cricket in I had her container full of her dog food in my hand. I knocked into the side of the car and it dropped and kibble fell everywhere. Cricket sat there and observed the whole thing while Steve and I cleaned it up! We were pretty amazed and now am also so touched and appreciative knowing that she did that because of the hard work from puppy trainers. Thank you. Good girl, Haddie. Sorry for a really long post :)!

  3. I think it's soooo cool that other raiser's from other service dog and guide dog schools are doing this! :) Awesome!!

  4. Becky....thank you for your awesome post! I appreciate your view, story, and insight on how even the little things about puppy training come into play in real life. We hear from our trainers...but it makes it more heartfelt and real coming from a Handler! Thank you!