Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A lil' Physical Therapy

Ahhh, to be back in the swing of socializing Haddie. Today we ran errands, and it is always fun to have the kids by my side to take turns handling Haddie. It is hard* to multi-task with a dog solo, so having these two extra and highly effective trainers with me makes outings "Multi-Task Doable".

*hard as in splitting my focus that accommodates fully concentrating on every detail of Haddie's behavior and training, and whatever it is that I am errand running about, plus dodging any comments, questions, or physical touch by the public.

My girl claimed Haddie for the shopping at Pier One Imports. Working through the narrow aisles with the smelly-goodness throughout was a good challenge, for both the two legged and four legged. Nothing broken over a wagging tail, or curious nose - I consider it a success.
While I was paying, my girl found a bench and attempted an Under with Haddie, until she realized the bench was too low to the ground and Haddie would not fit. Wink. The above picture is of Haddie in a Down next to the bench, looking lovingly at my girl.

A few more stops that proved to be just as awesome as the first, we ended at the doctor's office. Physical Therapy for my daughter.

We have just started attending, but now have the routine down and all the medical findings worked out. I'm at the point of observing, and not having to concentrate so much on what is being discussed. It was time to bring Haddie with us.

Oh my goodness - she was the Celebrity in the office!! Our particular Therapist just wanted to take! Haddie! home! right! then!! Haddie was throwing out all the charm with her sweet personality, ultra-calm demeanor, sleeping skills, and perfect listening.
A far-cry from last night's CCI 4-H class where she was completely opposite with no listening skills or compliance. Last night was so disappointing and discouraging.  At least she knows to impress the socks off the public. Yay! And glad that she redeemed herself with us.

As we were checking out with the receptionist, our Therapist came around the counter to say goodbye to Haddie; who was sitting perfectly still and did not move through all the petting, and in her face loves. The Therapist laughed, gently poked her jokingly, and said, "Are you still breathing?!" Haha - she did resemble a stuffed animal of perfection.

Ahhh, such calm and nice outings with Haddie today.

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