Tuesday, May 12, 2015

final match

Kolby did it!!
Kolby flew confident and solo in college, and proved to be made of the very best characteristics that fit perfectly for his Forever Person.

I returned home from work to a husband that worked from home - and one who had instructions to not touch the house phone, even if a 707-call came in, because I had a streak going of getting the call on my answering machine or in person.

My sweet husband assured me that the phone had not rung all day, and so I went about my business getting laundry done and other household items. I was about ready to walk out the door at 1:55 to pick up my son from school when the phone rang with our final match answer from area code 707.

Our puppy program manager shared the good news that Kolby "had made a final and official match". I was beaming. The Puppy Raising road had come to an end, the long awaited moment had finally reached our household, we are finally California Bound to meet Kolby's Person and to see Kolby again.

I immediately shared the news with my husband, and sent the text messages that my kids had requested - and then I just reflected on the moment for 90-minutes being silent from others. Thinking about the journey of Puppy Raising, of Kolby, of California, specific news about our Graduate ... it was peaceful. And I so appreciated that I felt that urge to just remain quite. To soak it in.

I am one thankful, blessed, and proud Puppy Raiser. Kolby joined our family, changed each of us, and has found his way to helping one very special woman. He will leave Campus this weekend and walk confidently into his new home, new city, new environment, representing Canine Companions as a Service Dog.

Kolby loves Karen.

And I am so happy.


  1. Incredible. What a gift you have given her. We flew out on Thursday to San Rafael with a woman that was taking her puppy in training out to CCI for the next stage.

  2. Becky - did you happen to get her name or the puppy name? We have a campus in Santa Rosa and one in Oceanside; wonder which she was headed to and if I know her. Small world regardless. =)