Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kolby's Best Friend

The staff from Canine Companions Santa Rosa Campus, whom all of our region directly reports to in our volunteering role as Puppy Raisers, came to our area a few weekends ago. They put on a very nice presentation over many topics and it was nice to enjoy that with my close Canine Companions friends.
Photo Credit: Helaine's PR
With the weather blowing sideways of rain and snow (thankfully it did not stick because I was a good trek from home) Kolby and I enjoyed the day next to his girlfriend, Helaine, and my best buddy, her Puppy Raiser. The puppies were amazing ~ they slept the day away by our feet, many times only remembering they were there by their cute antics towards one another.
Here are some pictures ~ it really says it all. At first greeting they really need to get their wiggles and excitement out of the way with lots of kissing and tail wags. They really only perform this high level of jubilation with each other, rarely do they "care" about any other puppy or dog. It is very sweet and nothing to be concerned over, because really - even working dogs need to have their love affairs.
The rest of their time together is always a mix of letting each other be solo, and cuddling up really close and quietly with each other. The slow movements of their paws on the other's face, or wrapped around the other's neck while sleeping, or back to back resting is just so heartwarming. They truly are best of friends.
Photo Credit Helaine's PR
In a perfect world - Kolby and Helaine will both graduate. One will go to a single woman, and one will go to a single man, and the two will be at Team Training at the same time, at the same location. They will meet and fall in love, knowing very clearly that their puppies are already in love, and then they too will begin to date once Team Training is over. Soon, a ring will be placed and they will wed ... and Kolby and Helaine will live together too ~ Happily Ever After.
After all, why not dream perfection for the lives of two best friends!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It is amazing the similarities between Kolby and his sister when the two live over 1200 miles apart. I would have guessed that nurture would override nature when speaking of dogs, but in this case nature won. While both Handlers are training the dogs to perform the same list of commands, the similarities in personality is what I am referring to. And that is something, I am learning, is very nature based. A dog's personality in a large extent comes by way of genes (my own non-scientific thought). 
Photo credit to Jennifer, Kira's PR
Kira is a petite version of Kolby, shorter by inches and weighing 20 pounds lighter, she really is the girly side of Mister. The mannerisms of the two were amazingly very similar and it was interesting to see the two of them reunite. They met us on the sidewalk and when the two pups saw each other, they immediately stopped as if they were looking into a mirror. Slowly their tails began to wag as they approached, and while they didn't go over-the-top crazy for one another, you could tell that they sensed they remembered. 
Photo credit to Jennifer, Kira's PR
Kira and Kolby worked well together during the photo op and it was sad to say goodbye when it was time for them to head back home. I am very confident that Kira will move forward to change lives and make a huge impact for her Forever Person ~ she is a very capable and well trained puppy already, and there are many, many more months of training ahead of her. She truly is a rock star. 
Thank you, J & K, for your visit and sharing the love. I hope we can meet again with K & K. 

City Piers and Parks

Kolby has been in our household for one entire year. The time has gone by so quickly ~ we are on a one hand count in months until Kolby returns to California. During the month of February, we had some adventures that I am now just getting to post.

The kids had a Mid-Winter Break in February that lasted for a week. On somewhat of an impromptu moment, my girl and her friend asked to go to the big city and I seized the opportunity to make it an outing for Kolby too.
This was about his third time on the Pier and I will say that he rocked it. We went to the same location for lunch that I took my friend while visiting from Montana back in October. At that time Kolby was up and down and just would not settle while we ate. This time, I am so proud at his steadfast ability to hold a command. He stayed in his Down the entire lunch time ~ despite the amount of people walking past and the volume of little tiny birds flying in the outdoor picnic area. He was curious about the birds, but never moved to get closer or to become their friend. 
There is one particular hang out spot for larger sea birds - Seagulls - and Kolby was definitely fascinated by their noise and large flapping wings that basically dive bomb any spectator. Kolby maintained the Sit command and would occasionally look at me for guidance. 
Shop walking and Pier walking ended us at a park that overlooked a working train track. While we were walking toward the park, a cargo train passed us while we were on the opposite side of the street. It was loud and Kolby didn't even seem to notice. By the time we got to the park, another cargo train was passing underneath and Kolby just looked over the slates in the bridge and didn't mind the movement below him. 
Kolby is not fearful of heights - he can peer over bridges and walkways and second, third, fourth story floors with no issue. I am very happy he has always been confident in his surroundings. 
Kolby rocked the big city ~ his best city trip to date. I am so proud of his easy going nature, and his ability to listen and follow commands. He still needs encouragement in some areas, but in the end he will work through the situation and get the task completed. For example, jumping onto something is not his forte. He will do it, but we are still motivating him. 

I love the pictures we take on Kolby Outings ~ a memory that will always last.