Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It is amazing the similarities between Kolby and his sister when the two live over 1200 miles apart. I would have guessed that nurture would override nature when speaking of dogs, but in this case nature won. While both Handlers are training the dogs to perform the same list of commands, the similarities in personality is what I am referring to. And that is something, I am learning, is very nature based. A dog's personality in a large extent comes by way of genes (my own non-scientific thought). 
Photo credit to Jennifer, Kira's PR
Kira is a petite version of Kolby, shorter by inches and weighing 20 pounds lighter, she really is the girly side of Mister. The mannerisms of the two were amazingly very similar and it was interesting to see the two of them reunite. They met us on the sidewalk and when the two pups saw each other, they immediately stopped as if they were looking into a mirror. Slowly their tails began to wag as they approached, and while they didn't go over-the-top crazy for one another, you could tell that they sensed they remembered. 
Photo credit to Jennifer, Kira's PR
Kira and Kolby worked well together during the photo op and it was sad to say goodbye when it was time for them to head back home. I am very confident that Kira will move forward to change lives and make a huge impact for her Forever Person ~ she is a very capable and well trained puppy already, and there are many, many more months of training ahead of her. She truly is a rock star. 
Thank you, J & K, for your visit and sharing the love. I hope we can meet again with K & K. 

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