Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Haddie has been wound up as of late. I am trying to decide what has caused her shift in behavior. Age? Cranky? Bored? What gives? It is a mystery.

And nothing bothers my mind more than trying to figure out the naughty of a puppy. Any advice would be welcomed.

I am finding that Haddie is great on-leash. That fits perfectly for good behavior on Social Outings. Nothing phases her, she is under-control, she makes us both look good.

Get her off-leash as of late (ie: at home) and she is crazy-puppy. Visitors to the house saw a naughty puppy today, not the gentle soul and perfectly mannered pup found outside our home. Disappointed.

Example: twisting in circles in the living room. Not okay. Wanting to kiss the faces of those petting her, stretching in that annoying puppy-in-your-face-kinda-way, but never lifting four paws off the ground, is still annoying and not acceptable. Not listening is just plain naughty. She settled after about a minute, but that is one minute too long. It truly seemed like f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

She turns back to Calif in two months and I am hoping she is just going through a phase and gets her act together sooner than later. I am swirling thoughts of "Should have done..." in my head and relying on my next pup to be different. "Should have done..." in the moment tonight, and "Should have done..." all along in training.

While I can store this lesson's learned away for our next puppy, I have to keep open to that next puppies issues which may be completely different than Haddie's. Maybe he will be a gem at home manners off leash, and horrid on leash. And I am not sure which is better if I were to rate them, or if CCI is to rate them. I am sure they are equal. Sigh.

Puppy Raising is hard, but the challenge is interesting and I will still continue forth in raising again. Every dog will have it's challenges, every dog is new, and I am just learning along the way.

Defeated - yeah, my feelings are hurt that she has not been like herself, but I can only look to myself to get it under control. She won't do it on her own, that is for sure.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kennel Cough

Haddie woke up yesterday coughing. It sounded awful and it proceeded for a few minutes. It was like when a puppy pulls too hard on their own leash and then has a coughing fit as a result. The deep, husky, loud kind. It sounds truly awful.

By late afternoon I had picked up the pattern that whenever she exerted energy, she would get into a cycle of coughing. Not knowing if our Vet would be open on Veteran's Day, and watching the clock run closer to closing time, I picked up the phone and thankfully was able to get her in.

I am so glad I did, because as the night went on, her coughing became more frequent, more loud, more depressing to hear. Had I not known what the diagnosis was - I just might think she had pneumonia and was dying.

Thankful that is not the case. She has Kennel Cough. Apparently there is a new strain going around, and some how the vaccine she has received prior is not fully protecting her. She is now on meds and the coughing should go away in half a week. Her temp is normal, her heart and lungs are perfect, so we just have this ugly cough to get rid of. Thankful it is just this, no matter how sad it is to hear.

No socializing, and no CCI class for this week, and my pet has already been exposed.

I do not know if the meds have any true side effect of hyperactivity, but Haddie is on one big naughty streak this morning. Silly puppy is doing everything she should not be doing in order to settle that cough. Running through the house seems to be her favorite past time.

Dear Haddie: when you are crazy-active, and being totally inappropriate, like you are demonstrating right now, you put yourself into a gagging, coughing fit. See the connection?? I promise this will go away, and we can get back to normal, appropriate activity. Until then, please, just mind your manners, and chill out.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

20 minutes

What do Puppy Raisers do when they have 20 minutes to spare before leaving the house to pickup children from school?

A Puppy Photo Shoot, of course!!! Here is Haddie at 16 months. Love this pup!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh My! with a capital O and M!

So I took Haddie on an errand with me this morning; bright and early after the kid's were dropped off at school. I know socializing in a crowded store adds another layer of importance to Haddie, but some days the quiet of a freshly opened store is just what I need.

Fred Meyer was the place we needed to go, and this store just opened a few months ago in our town. You bet it was a big deal in our area. We are a small town that is on the brink of growing larger. Big box stores are moving in; with a town debate over staying extra small, or allowing growth.

To me - I'm just glad not to drive so far to get some normal errands accomplished!

We were greeted to the cuteness of holiday decor and we took full advantage of seeing everything. Haddie approved of Santa, and especially liked the Reindeers. We meandered through all the aisles, stopping at the Christmas Decor Toys. In a wonderful Sit-Stay, I brought down a dancing-singing-chicken to Haddie's level. She was adorable!!

So adorable that a man walking passed the aisle stopped and came towards us exclaiming, "Oh - that is so cute!", looking at Haddie, not the dancing-singing-chicken. I thought so too, her expressions are the best. Her sweet brown eyes melt everyone.

We continued on our adventure into the toy section, and then the next group of items were the bikes. Haddie went crazy. She was sniffing wildly towards the bikes. I thought perhaps the smell of the rubber (even I could smell it) peaked her interest. But something was just a little different than the traditional, "Mmmm, what's that smell" attitude about Haddie.

She was pacing and smelling and tracking something. I let her. It was interesting. Not sure if a CCI Trainer would have agreed of my choice, but whatever - there was no stopping her.

After watching her for a few, I gave the Sit command, and she obeyed. When ... we ... heard ... a ... squeak. From under the platform of bikes came the repeated noise of a teeny tiny mouse.

Oh My!!

Okay, now I was freaked out and grossed out, yet fascinated that Haddie picked up on it from two aisles away and persuaded me to follow her nose to investigate.

The noise stopped. I gave Haddie a Release and let her continue her sniff. Then, I ordered her to Sit and we listened. Squeak!!

Okay, girl, we are outta here!! Well done.

Made me wonder how many teeny tiny mice are all over any mega store.

Oh My! with a capital O and M!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Three and a half months. Countdown for Bon Voyage has happened with our sweet Haddie. We are going through socialization with precision and trying to think out of the box. Brushing up on this and that, while trying to find continued new experiences. I am feeling that this side of training is not as challenging as the first thirteen months with Haddie. It'll be interesting to see if our next puppy is the same in the speed of growing up.

The short story of a long, unfortunate accident that caused my mom some time in a wheelchair, is that it has offered a great training tool for Haddie. Receiving the okay from our Trainer, I have been allowed to work Haddie with my mom in the wheelchair.

Our CCI Chapter combines Puppy Raisers with those who are disabled and have a working service dog from CCI. Also, our Trainer often conducts meetings from a wheelchair (she is not disabled), giving  exposure to the moving object from day one of training 8-10 week old puppies. A wheelchair is nothing new to Haddie.

However, working with a wheelchair is, so our Trainer gave me some pointers and we were off to the Mall with my mom and Haddie. It. was. so. fun.

Haddie is a funny puppy. She is pure puppy at home, a wiggle in her step and a playfulness about her. But put her in a Vest and a Gentle Leader and she becomes very serious. The bounce in her step becomes a full-attention, I must get this right, all joking-aside kind of walk. Something my Trainer has cautioned me about Haddie, perhaps we need to find the "fun" in socialization.

Get her at a Feed Store, or with a Wheelchair, and she becomes that "fun" puppy. Who would have thought?!

Her tail wagged the entire trip, she would not only check-in with me, but she would check-in with my mom too. She got the concept of Heel, and backing up, and turning both directions with the wheelchair. I think Haddie felt like a Graduate and she was very proud of herself!  When our time was over, she actually looked disappointed to have to jump back into the car to return home.

Obviously I wish that my mom never had her unfortunate accident, especially landing in a wheelchair for a prolonged time, but the blessing on the other side is the perfect training opportunity for Haddie. My mom has made a direct, positive impact on our sweet puppy and for that ... I am thankful.