Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Even though our awesome friend is all about puppy raising, I made some time when we had human-only time during our visit. Kolby has been to our favorite vacation destination which is only two hours from our driveway on many occasions over the last twelve months, so I opted to leave him with a Puppy Sitter while we ventured for the day to this wonderland with our out-of-town friend. 
In return, Kolby got to experience life with other dogs his size at our close friend's house. They have raised five Canine Companions with a great success rate, so I knew he was in great hands for his two night stay. I received a glowing report upon pickup. Yay, Kolby!!
The other hot spot in our area, and also two hours away but in the opposite direction, are countrysides covered in Tulip and Daffodil fields during the month of April. There is an annual festival that takes in the tourist who want that perfect photo op with the flowers. 
We took Kolby last year when he was just three months. The photos are in this blog under April 2013 for readers who want to go down memory lane. This year my sweet daughter, our dear friend, and Kolby spent the day driving, laughing, talking, and enjoying the fields. The highlight was meeting up with another amazing Canine Companions Puppy Raiser and best friend - the one who raises Kolby's girlfriend; Helaine. 
We first met for lunch, because I can't seem to be too far from food at any given time, and the dogs were so adorable under our table. Without question it took time for them to settle in and stop kissing and nuzzling each other, but they never broke their Down Stay in the process. After a few moments of greeting one another, they eventually just flopped their cute faces on top of each other and on our feet and snoozed while the two-legged girls chatted away. 
The fields seemed to be endless. The brilliance of color was amazing. And the kicker was that the pups were just adorable. I am so thankful for these photos. 
We encountered a very enduring and once in a lifetime moment while in the fields. A mother of a young boy who was being pushed in a wheelchair-stroller type of transportation came over to peak at the vests of Kolby and Helaine. "Yeah, that's what I thought, Canine Companions!! My son has been invited to attend Team Training at the beginning of May in Santa Rosa." Melt. 
What are the odds that we were standing in the middle of the country side, tiptoeing through the tulips, and we got to witness the following: in the mom's excitement she forgot that she had not yet shared with her son that he will be getting his very own Skilled Companion Dog in May. Because of his age, sharing this life changing adventure with her son too far in advance just wouldn't make sense. Three weeks is even too much time to wait in the big picture for this little one. So she had kept it a secret, waiting until it got much closer. 
Well, that didn't work so well on this day, because the mom was so excited and was sharing with us in front of her son who caught on rather quickly. It was adorable, he was so thrilled - and then he wanted to choose between Kolby and Helaine to take home!! So cute. 
What a very cool memory for all of us to carry forever - that we saw the delight and the change in this boy light up when he heard the news, and when he was loving our puppies in program. No doubt these dogs are made for a higher purpose than being pets. No doubt that Canine Companions has a true gift to give to others. No doubt that I am convinced that these dogs do make an incredible life changing difference to others. No doubt, I am blessed to be a volunteer with Canine Companions. 
Tiptoe Through The Tulips was a mighty perfect day!

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  1. We have a tulip festival every year here in Northern OR and it's always so beautiful! Great pictures-sounds like a lot of fun. :)