Monday, May 5, 2014

New Car, Kolby loves

We used to have a Rav4 which was great for transporting our dogs and kids' stuff and everything else. But because it was a mini-SUV, it wasn't really "that" large. So when we decided to switch things up and go with the Prius V, we really analyzed the cargo room.
Long story short for a blog that is not about selling cars, we have fallen in love with the Prius V and have not regretted our choice. We will see what we think about giving up the 4-wheel drive come winter, but other than that, we don't feel like we have lost any in the way of cargo space.
Kolby is a tall fella, so if he can fit in the back comfortably sitting up while traveling, then I am pretty confident that future Canine Companions puppies will be able to as well. The most fun has been seeing Kolby love the car as much as we have.
Many, many times, after a full outing, he will not get out of the car. He is too comfy to move and will literally just stay put while I put all of his gear away and whatever else that needs to come in from the car. And then I will tell him it is time to get out and he will just stay there. So much so that I had time to get the camera on this particular day.
Before anyone worries that he is being disobedient and needs to work on that, when I use my firm voice versus the "ohhh, you are so darn cute let me give you some love and snuggle your mug" voice, that I am guilty of using in these adorable moments, he stands up and let's me unhook his seat belt and he hops out.

New car, Kolby loves, that's a good thing!

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