Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best Gift

While my personal blog has fallen by the side, because of an increase in my daily life and my subjects growing into Teens, who don't wish for their life to be displayed for the world to read any longer ~ my puppy blog has been fairly consistent in capturing the life happenings of all things adorably furry. Now that Haddie has been placed, this Christmas my husband was able to publish my blog as a book for the months we raised Haddie, for the posts I shared while she was in Advanced Training, and all-about her Graduation.

I was so thrilled to "finally" receive my first blog book about our amazing Puppy Raising adventure of Haddie Rosa!!! I. Love. It.
Haddie Rosa was the nickname we gave her when she was super-duper little. It kinda just spilled out the first time she wiggled her way across the kitchen floor at 10 weeks of age. She had a wiggly walk and I did a sign-song type voice and said Haddie Rosa, Haddie Rosa to the beat of her bum. It was adorable. It stuck.

Rosa was the other half of Santa Rosa, her birthplace and where the company resides who she so finely has always represented. We thought any male Canine Companions puppy we would include the "Santa" portion of Santa Rosa into his nickname. It never worked, never stuck, scratch that idea.

I am happy that my hubby remembered our lovely nickname of Haddie to include it as the title. It fits us - just as the book fits our journey of our first puppy in training.

Best Gift.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Kolby's First Snow

I remember there was a time shortly after Kolby arrived in March where it snowed. But I really don't want to consider it his first snowfall, because it never really stuck and it was March; not even winter. Therefore, today I am counting as Kolby's First Snow.
When I took him to his place in our side yard this morning, which is fully fenced just for our Puppy in Program's to have a place to learn to go Hurry, and continue throughout their time with us, the ground was perfectly white. Kolby stood in the doorway from the garage and stared. He was not too sure what to think in the difference of the scent that lay before him.
He eventually went outside, and while usually he is pretty quick with the bathroom command, today it took especially long to get courage to try just that. I was silently giggling and thankful that the kids' school had been delayed two hours, because Mister was taking about that long to get his job done (sarcasm).
However, once Kolby learned of the fun in the backyard that can be had in the white-stuff, he was all for playtime with my son while my daughter snapped photos. Kolby is so handsome, I just love his puppy, playful, yet regal look. I am still so thrilled we were chosen to be his Puppy Raisers. The Puppy Program Manager looked deep into her database and found this little guy - it had been looking like we'd have to pass until late Spring into early Summer before one would be available. I am thankful she spent the extra ten minutes combing the database while I was on the phone, because she found us a gem!
The snow has since melted away. I am thankful for the moments while it lasted and the memory of Kolby's first snow.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Kolby Photo Shoot

My daughter took these beautiful photos of our Kolby. I will share more throughout the month. The extra bonus ~ Canine Companions took notice of these photos and have asked permission to use them. My girl is beaming; that is a fun compliment to receive at any age, but as a 15 year old, yeah, that is pretty cool.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kolby and Santa

Kolby and I had an outdoor mall adventure with my best girlfriend from college. It was a frigid 20-something degree day, and we flopped between an outdoor walk and cozy indoor chats. My friend is always up to all things adventurous when it comes to my Puppy Raising. She is the perfect blend of playing defense against the public violations*, and supporting with lots of questions and praise every time we get together. 
Santa was out of his workshop when we first arrived. Kolby was all tail wags as we walked up to Santa and Kolby did a quick voluntary sit just in time for Santa's outreached hand to pat his cute little head and talk to him. The carousel had no riders at the moment, but the workers turned it on for Kolby to see it spin. He was interested, but not overly impressed. I enjoy the fact that Kolby is very intent on always having good eye contact. Whether that is with the person holding his leash, or strangers talking to him. Good boy, Kolby!
A few weeks ago, Santa also came to visit our Canine Companions class. He collected food for the local food bank and stayed to get his picture taken with all of the puppies and raisers. Unlike Haddie who attacked Santa with Kisses ~ Kolby was very proper and obedient. I love the look on Kolby's face, looking so wise and on his best behavior, and then also his legs drooping over Santa's lap as if to say, "Santa and I? We go way back." 
I am so happy that Kolby is so friendly and was not worried about the big guy with the long white beard and soft red suit. 
*There always seems to be "something" that happens when my friend and I are on a Canine Companions Outing. This time it was an unleashed dog who wandered over to Kolby. Granted, we were in the boutique pet store, but we also have a leash law in our State which is to be withheld in all public situations. 

This little puppy was Adorable, no doubt, but it was also very social and got right into Kolby's face. The owner did not make a move to get her dog away from Mister, so insert my buddy who swiftly, and with great etiquette, got the violator puppy away from Kolby - bent down to the puppies level (aka: sat on the floor) and talked to the owner while holding the puppies collar. 

Then my friend went so far as to help this woman put a pink winter vest on her puppy. My friend is a cat-person by nature, so we both looked at each other and smirked at the clueless owner who was taking full advantage of my friend. HA! 

You are a good sport, J!! Thank you for always putting up with anything that happens while we are on outings. Kolby and I enjoyed the training of patience while we watched and waited (wink).