Friday, December 20, 2013

Kolby's First Snow

I remember there was a time shortly after Kolby arrived in March where it snowed. But I really don't want to consider it his first snowfall, because it never really stuck and it was March; not even winter. Therefore, today I am counting as Kolby's First Snow.
When I took him to his place in our side yard this morning, which is fully fenced just for our Puppy in Program's to have a place to learn to go Hurry, and continue throughout their time with us, the ground was perfectly white. Kolby stood in the doorway from the garage and stared. He was not too sure what to think in the difference of the scent that lay before him.
He eventually went outside, and while usually he is pretty quick with the bathroom command, today it took especially long to get courage to try just that. I was silently giggling and thankful that the kids' school had been delayed two hours, because Mister was taking about that long to get his job done (sarcasm).
However, once Kolby learned of the fun in the backyard that can be had in the white-stuff, he was all for playtime with my son while my daughter snapped photos. Kolby is so handsome, I just love his puppy, playful, yet regal look. I am still so thrilled we were chosen to be his Puppy Raisers. The Puppy Program Manager looked deep into her database and found this little guy - it had been looking like we'd have to pass until late Spring into early Summer before one would be available. I am thankful she spent the extra ten minutes combing the database while I was on the phone, because she found us a gem!
The snow has since melted away. I am thankful for the moments while it lasted and the memory of Kolby's first snow.

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  1. These are beautiful pictures! Can I ask what camera you use?