Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best Gift

While my personal blog has fallen by the side, because of an increase in my daily life and my subjects growing into Teens, who don't wish for their life to be displayed for the world to read any longer ~ my puppy blog has been fairly consistent in capturing the life happenings of all things adorably furry. Now that Haddie has been placed, this Christmas my husband was able to publish my blog as a book for the months we raised Haddie, for the posts I shared while she was in Advanced Training, and all-about her Graduation.

I was so thrilled to "finally" receive my first blog book about our amazing Puppy Raising adventure of Haddie Rosa!!! I. Love. It.
Haddie Rosa was the nickname we gave her when she was super-duper little. It kinda just spilled out the first time she wiggled her way across the kitchen floor at 10 weeks of age. She had a wiggly walk and I did a sign-song type voice and said Haddie Rosa, Haddie Rosa to the beat of her bum. It was adorable. It stuck.

Rosa was the other half of Santa Rosa, her birthplace and where the company resides who she so finely has always represented. We thought any male Canine Companions puppy we would include the "Santa" portion of Santa Rosa into his nickname. It never worked, never stuck, scratch that idea.

I am happy that my hubby remembered our lovely nickname of Haddie to include it as the title. It fits us - just as the book fits our journey of our first puppy in training.

Best Gift.

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  1. What a wonderful gift. Thank you for the gift of sharing your puppy raising journey with those of us who follow your blog, and thank you for raising those pups for folks who need them. It is a beautiful way of changing the world!
    Merry Christmas!