Thursday, April 17, 2014


We enjoyed a warm Spring Break last week by just staying home and enjoying the sites of our area. Our sweet and close friend from Canine Companions' and fellow Puppy Raiser (Graduate Skilled Companion Halo and current Puppy in Program Spunky) from California came for a visit. It was nice that she got to meet Kolby in person, and we all enjoyed our first day together visiting the big city.
Kolby has adventured to the city more extensively than Haddie ever did, so I really feel like he can check that social outing off his list. You kinda know when he feels like "been here, done that" when he acts like he's been there and done that. It is nice to reach that point with a Puppy in Program.
However, the newest addition to Kolby's city adventure was the gum wall, which is a thoroughly disgusting, yet unique, tradition of our city. Kolby looked just as disgusted as we were by the sweet, musty smell of the alley where it is located. Notice how he is not too impressed, nor interested in sitting down on the parts of gum that never made it to the wall. Fine choice, Mister!! Keep standing and we'll make this quick.
I love how Kolby is just so easy-going. I am not predicting one way or the other in terms of a College Degree or College Drop-Out, but it is just nice to have had such an enjoyable and memorable time with him.
I will be sad to let him go, but really - I think that he will thrive under the direction of professional trainers. And should he decide he doesn't want to finish College, then I will really know that he just doesn't want to work for a living. I feel he is highly capable, but that doesn't mean he will want to do that. And Canine Companions knows how to read dogs to see which ones are asking for their exit papers, and which ones want their degree. And that will all be just fine.
Taking a dog in the city for an all day adventure is not an easy task, but it becomes much easier when the dog you are escorting is very wise and confident. I am so proud of Mister Kolby.
Thanks for such a great day, Kolby!! You made it easy to host our sweet friend.  And I have heard, she totally digs you (wink wink). 

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