Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kennel Cough

Haddie woke up yesterday coughing. It sounded awful and it proceeded for a few minutes. It was like when a puppy pulls too hard on their own leash and then has a coughing fit as a result. The deep, husky, loud kind. It sounds truly awful.

By late afternoon I had picked up the pattern that whenever she exerted energy, she would get into a cycle of coughing. Not knowing if our Vet would be open on Veteran's Day, and watching the clock run closer to closing time, I picked up the phone and thankfully was able to get her in.

I am so glad I did, because as the night went on, her coughing became more frequent, more loud, more depressing to hear. Had I not known what the diagnosis was - I just might think she had pneumonia and was dying.

Thankful that is not the case. She has Kennel Cough. Apparently there is a new strain going around, and some how the vaccine she has received prior is not fully protecting her. She is now on meds and the coughing should go away in half a week. Her temp is normal, her heart and lungs are perfect, so we just have this ugly cough to get rid of. Thankful it is just this, no matter how sad it is to hear.

No socializing, and no CCI class for this week, and my pet has already been exposed.

I do not know if the meds have any true side effect of hyperactivity, but Haddie is on one big naughty streak this morning. Silly puppy is doing everything she should not be doing in order to settle that cough. Running through the house seems to be her favorite past time.

Dear Haddie: when you are crazy-active, and being totally inappropriate, like you are demonstrating right now, you put yourself into a gagging, coughing fit. See the connection?? I promise this will go away, and we can get back to normal, appropriate activity. Until then, please, just mind your manners, and chill out.  

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  1. We had a round of kennel cough going around this summer where I work and I had been very careful not to let Spark or our pet dog near me 1st thing when I got home. This worked for about a month then they went to a different vet for shots and such and a few days later Spark was coughing horribly. I too thought he had something seriously wrong with him. But after a few days of being on meds he was better.
    Hoping Haddie has a quick recovery!!