Saturday, August 18, 2012

The perfect Kiddo in tow

We have been dabbling with camping just short of the last decade. My parents have a trailer and we camp at least once a summer with them. The kids bunk with my parents, while my hubby and I pitch our tent on the same campsite. Over the years we have gone from overnight - to seven nights.

This summer we determined that it was the right time to purchase an R.V. for our family. The kids didn't want to "sit and listen" to all the salesmen speak, and our deep concentration that usually follows a bigger purchase such as this, so they opted to hang with my parents, go to a drive-in movie, and spend the night.

Afterall, we promised we were just looking, and would not purchase with out the kiddos seeing it first.

Well, we all know how that goes! But we kept our promise and put a pending status on an RV so that the kids and my parents could see it the following day, and "if approved", we'd sign on the dotted line.

Haddie, however, was our kiddo in tow. She spent the day with us going from one RV Lot to the next. Our first salesman told me quickly that our pup could go inside any RV, and then continued to ask very detailed questions about the volunteer program. I think he just wanted to chat about Haddie, and not about RV's. That was a fun start.

When I saw the first entry I immediately questioned if Haddie would really go inside. The stairs were metal, with a spikier flooring used to kick off any dirt on camp shoes, they were skinny, and at a pretty good vertical slant.

I took a deep breath and commanded Haddie Let's Go and oh my goodness she went right up those stairs!! She would have never done that half a year ago.  I didn't worry the rest of the day as we went in and out, and in and out of different RV's.
Happened to be the one we purchased
Two places, however, requested that Haddie stay out of the RV. "Potential Allergies" was the excuse, rather than behavior worries, and I followed the directions. My hubby and I took turns going inside, and holding Haddie's leash outside.

It was a hot day here, so I kept Haddie in the shade when we had any down time. She was quick to lay down and take a rest. When we finally made it to the air conditioned office to sign Pending Papers, Haddie was completely comfortable Under the table, snoring, and yes, drooling. Oh, Haddie!! However, nobody knew she was there, so I gave her a passing grade.
Throughout our long day, she didn't interrupt our concentration, or ask too many questions, or whine that she was soooo booooored, or jump on the beds, or bounce in the driver's seat ... she was the perfect kiddo in tow!

In the end we purchased this RV - and our first long voyage will be to travel to California to Turn In Haddie in February.
While we slept in the RV for the first time last night (in our driveway), I admit to getting a little sad and teary to think that this is how and where we will drive Haddie to her future. From my bed, looking down the RV to the middle where her kennel will be on that final night, yep ... I will never want to sell this recreational vehicle!!!


  1. What campus are you guys turning miss Haddie in at?

  2. Just realized I overlooked the part about California! Sorry about that! Well Halo and I will be attending that graduation. :) Halo turns in May, but we like to attend all of the graduations.. plus we know a few pups turning in then. We will have to say hi!

  3. =) That would be fun!! It would be so great to live that close to attend all the graduations. This will be our first time - so we will be the ones looking a bit overwhelmed with the box of tissue. hahaha (actually, not even joking).

    1. Yes! I've always got my box of tissues in hand. It is a really awesome ceremony. I really enjoy going since there is always someone from our group going thru turn in, and we have people from the group who have a dog graduating! It will be overwhelming at first, but all worth it! It's really cool! You do get to go through the whole process before me though! I haven't gone through all of the turn-in stuff! But hey.. there is still lots of time left! No need to stress about it now :)