Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goodbye for 3 weeks

There was some hidden pressure behind the scenes around here that Haddie might go into Heat before the Fair. She had been showing signs that were confirmed by her Trainer and Vet way back in July. We watched her closely and just prayed that she'd hold off until after Fair.

Worse case scenario, Haddie wouldn't go to Fair, but my son could continue to go and use another CCI puppy in training, or graduate dog. It wouldn't be the ideal situation or as meaningful as taking Haddie, but my son would get to experience Fair nonetheless.

Well, our amazing puppy did what she does best and followed the rules. We arrived home from Fair close to midnight on Sunday, relaxed all day on Monday (allowing Haddie no tie-outs, and plenty of backyard fun to energize her muscles from two days "benching" at Fair), and found Tuesday to be her day of choice to go into Heat.

What perfect planning, Haddie!! You deserve a Ribbon and Trophy for that!!

The bonus factor is that we meet for 4-H CCI class on Tuesday evenings. Which means that we didn't have to drive the two hours one-way to the Kennel to drop her off; our CCI Trainer offered to handle that for us as she lives literally 2 miles down the street from the kennel of choice.

Brilliant Haddie! After Fair and on a Tuesday!! She is some girl!

We took her to class last night, kept her kenneled while my son worked a Graduate dog for the evening, and then loaded her in the Trainer's van to be swept off for three weeks of Canine Resort Fun!
Haddie is always on my mind - I keep checking for her around the house, and thinking we need to take her some place, and looking at the clock for bathroom breaks, and seeing that she is behaving with my sweet pet ... it'll take a few days before I remember she really is having a blast someplace other than with us.

While she is away, I will take time to share the details about Fair. There will be nothing else to report until that cutie is back in our household!!

*The picture was taken at Fair - during a cuddle moment we shared on the last day. Haddie was t.i.r.e.d but rose to the challenge of sticking with her work ethic. We held this pose for a few minutes; her resting on my arm and me whispering praise to her. What a cuddle puppy. Love her. 


  1. Haddie, you must be one of the most respectful and thoughtful pups I have ever known! ;-) And you have an especially sweet face! :-)

  2. Hannah - sweet comment ... and I totally agree. ;)