Thursday, June 30, 2011

Training Classes

It has been suggested that we attend CCI Training Classes before we even get our CCI Puppy. There are two reasons why I agreed with this good idea. First, it will be part of our weekly routine when we are trainers, so why not mold it into our lives now, so that this part of the transition is already established. Secondly, and most importantly, it allows us time to digest the many different angles of training a CCI Pup.
My daughter and I attended last night. She worked with the Instructor's dog, while I observed during the puppy class. Then, during the Advanced Class, my girl had had enough and so I worked with the Instructor's dog. I found, however, that I learned more while observing the dynamics and differences of all the dogs in the class. How the Raiser dealt with their specific situation was interesting and enlightening.

The Instructor's dog knew ... everything. You barely had to say a command and he was down, or sitting, or heeling beside your left side. I know this will not be the case when we start Puppy Raising, and when it is our turn to be a "real" student in the class, it will take on a whole new level of learning.  We'll be like the other students in the class who are using commands of "No" and "Don't" for frequent corrections. Or, the student who was being trained by the trainer on how to establish dominance with their young pup.
Having been to a few of these classes now, I am driving home from class with a realistic picture that this is not all peaches and cream. There will be a lot of hard work, confusion, and determination built into the fluff and fun of raising a CCI Puppy. I'm still up for the challenge - my kids are more than ready for the challenge - and my husband is eager with camera in hand to document the adventure every step of the way.

Still can't wait ...

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