Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bone Voyage!!!

I know we will be Puppy Raising again, but I want to capture the "firsts". Sometimes I think the more I get involved, or the more time passes and things are no longer new, I forget those "firsts".

Four times per year our Chapter of CCI throws a Bone Voyage Party for the dogs who will be Turning-in. The week prior to turn-in is considered the dogs last day in our Chapter, because we have to leave the week-of open for all of us to travel to Santa Rosa.
Wednesday was the February Bone Voyage Party. Although the party is open to every Puppy Raiser and family, I have never attended one of these events; which was never on purpose. However, I am glad that we experienced our first goodbye party when we were one of the ones leaving.

About seven dogs are turning-in next week, two are currently in heat (insert very sad face), which left five dogs to enjoy the party. There was a mix of turn-in puppies, change of career dogs, and puppies still in training at the party. It was a comfortable size crowd to enjoy evenly split teams for Relay Races.
It worked like this: three evenly spaced mats were set in front of each team with a table at the end. Our Trainer announced what the Command the dogs would need to perform on each mat and table. When each task was completed correctly, the PR and Puppy moved forward until all tasks were complete before returning to their line to start the next PR and Puppy's turn. The first team finishing the task was the winner.

My son's team won every. single. time. and it was made up of all the Turning In Puppies. (YAAY!! Perhaps it is a sign. HaHaHa).
A small presentation with a goody bag stocked with treats and gifts for the two legged, and certificates for each Puppy Raiser rounded out the party before the dessert table, lots of photographs, and mingling completed the evening. It was a wonderful celebration of our hard work, and a perfect send-off to the pups.
It reminds me what a great CCI Family we have in this organization - for the support we give each other, the fun we have at each meeting, and the genuine good wishes for every dog and raiser. Everyone is rooting for everyone. We want so badly for every puppy to shine. So happy to live in this State with this group of like-minded friends.

Our Trainer's concluding statement which captured the next phase perfectly; It is like sending your kid off to college. They could either choose to party, or study. But know that you raised them well, and that you have done the Best that you could. You are all Wonderful Raisers.

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  1. Good luck Haddie!!! You have a great future in front of you!