Friday, February 22, 2013

K is for Kolby

On January 29th we received the call from CCI that they had a puppy ready for us to start raising the first week of March. The information was limited, just a male puppy from the K litter. She didn't even have the color, or name, and I forgot to ask for the birth date, and Breeder information.

I immediately sent out a search for the K Litter through my CCI connections, and got a response quickly with the Breeder. We immediately hooked up through social media and my family and I watched the Litter grow through pictures, and received more specific information.

As we were nearing our departure to return Haddie to CCI, we still did not have a name for our assigned puppy. We knew the three options in the litter, but we did not know the specific boy that we would raise. Two males were yellow, one male was black.

During some "down time" at Turn-In, we pulled the Director aside and asked if she knew any additional information about our assigned pup. She confirmed she had it ready, so we walked to her office for the big reveal. We were so excited (not only to see her office and more of the CCI Campus) but also to hear the official name of our Second Puppy In Training.

Meet ...

Kolby, 5 weeks, 3 days old:
We were so excited the minute she revealed the name because we already knew the litter and knew exactly which one he was. And behind the scenes, we had already been invited by the Breeder to come to her house the next morning to visit with the litter.
I know that the Breeder was not obligated to invite us over to meet our puppy, so we took the extension of friendship dearly and we were honored for the opportunity to see Kolby in his first, loving home. We were certainly spoiled, and it definitely helped our emotions of saying goodbye to Haddie the evening prior to meeting Kolby. Thank you, Becky!!
My daughter held Kolby first and it was obvious that the love was instant. She continues to refer to him as "My Baby Boy" when she talks about him. She can not wait for March 8th to arrive when we can go to the airport to pick him up. I am so glad she is so happy about Puppy #2, she seemed to outwardly have the toughest time saying goodbye to Haddie.
My son held him too, but spent most of his time in the puppy pen loving on the entire litter. In his mind, he knew that he would never see the rest of the puppies again, and he wanted an opportunity to wish them all a Good Luck before they left their home to other Regions. Love his attitude.
Puppies are so adorable, and entertaining. Another sweet friend that we recently met through the Breeder came to visit the puppies with us. She does not live far from the Breeder and they are close friends. She will be Puppy Raising her second puppy as well, Kolby's sister Kashi. It is fun to have the connection so early so that we can share our stories and learn from one another about the Brother and Sister Pair staying in our Region.
We could have stayed for the remaining weeks just watching the puppy antics and personalities develop. But we had to move forward and we said our goodbye to Kolby, and went into the house to meet his mom, Kanga. She has a sweet personality, so soft, and beautiful. I am sure it will be hard to say goodbye to her puppies, so we are thinking good thoughts for her transition.
Thank you, Becky, for opening your heart and home to our family. It meant everything to be able to meet Kolby and to see his family. We will do our best to raise him right, and we will certainly provide him a loving and safe home. Until we meet again - enjoy the next 18 months of blog posts about YOUR KOLBY!!!


  1. I think this is my new favorite blog. Can't wait to read all about Kolby's adventures. Maybe I will pick up some puppy raising tips to civilize my boys, too. =)

  2. Hes so cute love the name too I bet they have the best puppy breath

  3. After your last post had me crying, I am smiling ear-to-ear reading this! What a whirlwind weekend to really get the Whole Picture of this CCI thing.

    I have to be honest with you and say that as soon as I heard you were getting a "K" puppy, I went on the Yahoo group database to get the names. I was secretly hoping to get to follow Kolby's journey with your family ;-) So excited for y'all!!!

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous! I would love to meet one of my puppies so early! That is so special!

  5. Hannah - you are awesome!! heeheee - love that you knew the names too. =)

  6. Aw, love the name and he has such a sweet face! Makes me want a puppy! What a special treat to get to visit him so early. Such an amazing memory.