Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Katchup with Kolby

Our little Mister is not so little any more. He had a vet check and vaccine update last Thursday and he weighed in at 32.3 pounds. I personally don't think he looks to be in his thirties, because Kolby is all legs. He is tall, lean, and lanky. I love it. Typical teenage boy.
We took our RV out of storage last week when the temps were soaring into the 80's. Kolby enjoyed his first experience in the RV. We didn't go for a ride, but he got to walk around inside and smell everything. Our first excursion with Kolby will be at the end of this month. We are excited for his new adventure!
While it was hot, my girl had fun posing Kolby in her sunglasses. He didn't protest by pawing them off, instead he would just turn his head to check out his new view behind the colored glass and the shades would tip. It took a few attempts, but we got one shot.
Other just for fun and cute photos of Kolby growing up. His eyes are starting to change to the pretty Amber color like his dad's, Luca. I hope they fully change to his father's coloring, it looks so good against the black fur, which his dad also has. Time will tell.
Today we ventured out to a Hardware Store, a national brand that had 48 aisles which felt more like 96 because they were so long. We cruised each aisle, with the only agenda to get Kolby used to the sights, smells, and noises of a big box store such as this. We also worked on turning the corner - turning into the dog to make a Left (or Right, depending which side the dog is on) takes some practice for the Team. By the end of the aisle walking, Kolby was turning like a pro.

Kolby seems to be more aware of noises than Haddie ever was. I see a trend developing that he is more skittish. The good news is that he can recover nicely, and he always checks in with me while his tail is tucked and he's moving away. We'll get him there.
Case in point, before we closed the outing this morning, Kolby Sat and then Stood next to the large Paint Machine that mixes the paint. It was pretty loud and the employee was also banging a hammer on top of another paint can. The combo was perfect training for Kolby. He handled it well.

I think the biggest challenge will be in the repetition of a sound that worries Kolby. I have found that the sudden noises catches his attention more so than the consistent noise (like the paint can machine vs a quick banging of boards in the lumber yard). Some noises do not repeat. Kolby will either have to naturally out grow his concern with age and experience, or I'm going to have to go up to people and ask them to repeat their noise making. Ha!

Kolby continues to walk amazingly well on the leash. I bet he would have walked beside me the entire outing today at the Hardware Store if he were a pet-dog and could be off-leash. I never had to make a leash correction. That is my favorite part and something completely different than what I experienced with Haddie. Every dog has his/her perks. This one is Kolby's.
Kolby's house manners are awesome. I love how he enjoys tucking himself Under the dinning room table "just because". He doesn't get into any trouble, he just likes it under there. He is on a long leash while on a Release in the house.
He has no interest in playing with toys when he has "control" of roaming. Instead, he continues his love affair with his leash and will carry it around, making sure it keeps up with his pace. And sometimes, you have to be careful, because when Kolby comes up for Loves, his leash will get wrapped around your feet. No worries, Kolby is slow moving and the tangle is never a hazard.

He is such a good boy. Sometimes I forget that he is only 18 weeks old. He seems more like 18 months.


  1. Aww what a cutie! He seems really sweet and it sound like hes learning quickly. What a smart (and very handsome) boy!

  2. What a good boy! That is so funny about the leash, as D was never able to drag a leash because he is obsessed with it. My PPM calls it "leash smart" when he know when the leash is on and off and that it controls him. *sigh* Drives me absolutely bonkers.

    Oh. My. Goodness. Those ears! :-)

  3. Dante is so fun!! Thankfully Kolby is only obsessed with his long leash that he drags - I mean holds - but he does not bother the "real leash" that we use on outings. It is leather and thankfully there is a difference to him because he can't be holding that one (according to our Trainer). It is adorable. Haddie would not hold anything...ever. It will be interesting if she will pass the marks on this subject in AT.

    1. That is great! That "have to have everything in my mouth" golden genes coming out in Kolby! :-) Dante has come a long way, and hardly ever tries to grabs the leash from my hands anymore and is fairly good on tie-down now, but still cannot drag a leash. For sure, it has been a frustrating issue to overcome. Each puppy is so different; each one grows your skills as a handler in ways you couldn't imagine.