Saturday, May 18, 2013


Kolby preserves his stuffed animals and so does our sweet Beagle. This makes for some great sharing of toys. This Giraffe was actually a gift to Cora at Christmas time, but because Kolby is so gentle, he gets a turn too. My daughter was able to capture several photos of this pose as Kolby enjoyed his rest time with Giraffe.
On monsoon, windy days like today - it is very easy to stare at Kolby and enjoy his mellow nature. To blow off puppy steam and break up his day, my son will play ball in the bonus room with the door closed. We are hopeful that this will not translate into running through the house, as he is just in one room, and we are commanding the Fetch and allowing him to trot, tumble, and run like uncoordinated puppies do. So far so good.

One Tired Puppy = One Cute Snuggle Time With Giraffe.


  1. Yet another striking similarity between Kolby and Novel :) Very cute picture!

  2. What a darling pic! He's absolutely adorable!