Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2.5 Weeks

My heart thinks that Mister has been gone for 2.5 years, when in reality it is only a painful 2.5 weeks. How can the weeks be so seriously slow when my days have been jammed packed with activities, responsibilities and other thoughts? This Advanced Training wait is for those with a stronger mind, because I am going crazy.

All it takes is for me to reminiscence about the memory of Kolby to flip me in a tail spin of wanting to see him again. The kids went back to school yesterday and while the house was quiet, minus my happily, content, sleeping beagle who snores like an 89 year old Grandpa, I was happy and had a great day.

The characters in my life returned home full of stories. Everyone had a fabulous day; the kids, the hubby, the beagle, and myself. It wasn't until the sun set and I was on the couch relaxing that my mind was held hostage to the thought of our Black Lab Golden Cross puppy who used to lay next to the couch and poke his head up every now and then to check that I was still there.
This face. The intense eyes and the stories he would show about his emotions were like no other puppy I have known. The whites of his eyes were obvoius against his black fur and he wore his emotions and thoughts right through them.

What was his day like? What did he learn? Who did he play with? Is he happy? Does he think of us as we think of him?

Whomever is being blessed by Kolby will be the happiest recipient. I know Kolby will not disappoint, he will stand true to his Best Friend Status, showing his awesome teamwork and zest for all-things-good in life. The hanging question is who that person will be ... could it be our family, or will we be adding to our family upon Graduation?

2.5 weeks is really nothing in comparison to the big picture of life. But 2.5 weeks to a Puppy Raiser with a Puppy in Advanced Training - it is a lifetime.


  1. It is amazing how much alike our puppies were and how they completely and totally stole our hearts. We are having the hardest time here! I was so attached to Jet. My tears still flow every single day! Hugs to you!

  2. HUGS in return, Carlin. It is amazing the depth that a little puppy can bring when you knew all along he was not yours to keep without going away first - and maybe ever, really. Thinking of you too.