Monday, September 15, 2014

One Month

Hey Mister!!

I have been thinking about you consistently since we departed ways on campus. We have not had any communication from Canine Companions during the month you have been an active student. They promise a first report the first week of October. That still feels like too far away, but I know reality is that we are getting closer. Once I get that first report, I will be able to visualize what it is that you are doing and how you are doing. Right now I am only guessing that you are hanging in there, as I haven't received a 707-area call.

Since you've been gone, the kids have independently shared throughout different times how much they miss you. We will relive memories with a smile and then fade off into not talking or sharing for a bit. It is a different style of mourning, as we know you are just two states away and haven't really left us. But there are days when we are really missing you, and we look at photos or videos of you, that it certainly feels like you are no longer on this earth. Those are the toughest days.

Are you wondering about your 12", four-legged friend named Cora? She's doing well, but I like to think that she misses her big, handsome playmate. While you guys had your ups and downs, I am very content knowing that you left on an upswing. You two finally accepted and acknowledged one another on equal terms the last quarter you were with us. It made the stress-less, so thank you for your part in that. She has been sleeping in all the spots where you used to hang; and you know that is kinda odd because she protected and loved her bed and space while you were here. I think she is trying to fill your big footsteps and show her talents hoping to be a future Service Dog too. Don't worry, it'll never happen, but we'll just keep playing the game with her.

Your favorite weather has been sticking around here, so really - if you are enjoying the California Sun, we still got it too. Come on up for a visit!!  (I wish)

Just wanted to check in with you to let you know that you are thought of dozens of times per day, and talked about frequently by so many who are not part of our family, but are part of your journey. All of your siblings are still in College, so your human families across the country are very proud of all of you. Keep working hard, pay attention, and try your best ~ it'll make your decision making process so much easier when it comes time for you to decide if you want a Working Life or a Change of Career Life.

Much love forever and always, Kolby.

~ Your Forever Puppy Raiser

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