Thursday, October 30, 2014

October's College Update

Another month under Kolby' collar and we have a college report card for October. Kolby continues to be a start student with only the positive behavior boxes marked and zero boxes marked in the "negative" or "needs improvement on" categories. He is solid and that makes me happy that he is thriving.

Here are the words stated by his Trainer Amanda:

This month we have introduced the wheelchair to Kolby and he is doing well in training. He continues to be easy to motivate and progress with commands. However, Kolby has started to show a lack in confidence when being introduced to new commands, but we are working on raising his confidence with more praise. Kolby continues to be distracted at times, but can be redirected with a verbal correction. On another field trip to Target, Kolby was attentive to his handler and was easy to manage throughout the entire trip. Kolby loves to play fetch in the yard and has a good recall. 

In speaking with our Contract Trainer about the confidence issue, she assured me that Kolby received an excellent report and that most dogs lose a bit of confidence when they are taught new things. And considering the volume of new things he is learning, it is to be expected. However, once they get it, the confidence goes back up. And knowing Kolby as well as I do, if they up their Praises, he no doubt will bounce back. He is all about himself and getting as much attention as possible from his Handler. HA!

And all those adventures to Target and like-stores when we were together proves that practicing outings with your puppy has definite perks for them in college.

My heart did a little flutter when I read that he loves to play fetch in the yard because it means that he is getting his happy-place moments while in College. He loved, loved, loved to play fetch any moment we would offer it to him. I can just see him showing his joy on campus anticipating that next toss of the ball; his super long tongue hanging sideways, his extra long ears bouncing to his panting, and those eyes, his eyes that melt every. single. person. when he is keyed up on bliss. Sigh. Very happy Puppy Raiser.

There is about a week delay from the time the reports are written and the time the Puppy Program Manager has collected them all for distribution to the appropriate Puppy Raiser. So, the disclaimer is always; at the time of this writing, this is what we are finding about Kolby. I am good with that, because Canine Companions will always work diligently at correcting negative behavior with a puppy in training, however, they are also equally as diligent in taking responsibility in listening to and watching every puppy if they show signs that they do not want a working life. Not every puppy wants to work, therefore, every puppy gets a choice.

As of this writing, Kolby is choosing to stay and continue his focus. I would love to fast forward and see where he is in 6 months. What life did he choose?

We love you, KOLBY!!!  We are so very proud of every day that you are on campus learning.

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