Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Two Months

Today marks the Two Year Month mark of Kolby spending his first night on campus. Puppy Raising aside, I can't believe we are already well into the month of October!! The year is flying by and at this rate, I should start packing my bags for a February Graduation because that is how quickly these months are cruising.
This photo makes me smile. Taken October 18, 2013 ... just short of a year ago, when I had a mini photo shoot with the puppies because they put themselves here and I told them both to Stay while I fetched my dying camera. The quality didn't turn out the best, but I love the picture anyway.

Let's study this picture for a bit as the memories flood back. Kolby was only a 9 monther and at this age he was very rambunctious. To the point of getting help via a long phone call with our Contract Trainer who walked me through some ideas on how to curb his Alpha status that had somehow polluted his thoughts that it was a good idea to control the two-leggeds.

Cora was 8 years old at the time and had started slowing down on the topic of all-things-Mister. She was more fond of Kolby when he arrived, than when Haddie arrived. But by October, she was d.o.n.e. with him. I couldn't really blame her. Look at her eyes - it kind of says it all; "I got in here without thinking." and "Please take your photo quickly, I'd like to escape." and "Why is he holding my paw behind the corner of the bed?" 

All the while Kolby's look says, "I'm sorry. For everything."

At the moment I was worried if he would even make it to Turn In, but with the persistence of Team Kolby, he outgrew his thoughts of being Alpha, and realized that taking second position wasn't so bad. He thrived the remainder of his training, and continues to enjoy College Life as of this typing.

As for Cora and Kolby's relationship - he slowed way down with her and the two were able to pal-around and enjoy time together before he left for Santa Rosa. Cora liked him, and Kolby was thrilled, but played it cool.

Miss ya', Mister!! Thanks for all the stressful memories that got you to where you are today. For without them, it just wouldn't have been your story. Kisses and Love. 

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