Monday, August 22, 2011

Our CCI Call

Our last vacation of the summer started today. A road trip over the mountains to a warmer climate with proven sunshine, lake water, beaches, outdoor pools, and every hour spent relaxing. No plans. Our perfect way to wind down our summer before the kids resume to school the day after Labor Day. 

We had just rounded our first hour mark on the drive when my cell phone rang. A call from Canine Companions for Independence. Eeek - this could be something fun!

Our caller was wondering if we would be interested in raising a female that could be shipped out next week. She had a puppy ready, but didn't give any additional information. Our family had originally stated female on our paperwork, but then added male to our home interview. I casually asked about the prospects of a male pup, and she was kind enough to say that she would check, and give us a call back later today. 

While we waited - our car was flooded with opinions and excitement. While we were driving through one of the Canyons on our trek, my cell service was unavailable. Eventually my phone beeped in with a voice mail, she had called while my cell was out of service. She had left a message that there would be a yellow male available two weeks later on September 14th. 

We chatted through more Canyons, unavailable to get cell service, but allowing us more time to list our Pros and Cons of male versus female. In the end we determined that, like people, every dog is indeed different and we should just back off on the control of this one. Afterall, this is not our dog, we are Raisers for a short amount of time in the big scheme of a dog's life.

I finally called her back once we reached our destination:
View from our deck and return call
I did not even ask additional questions about the male, I just said we had a family meeting and we would like to raise the female that she had originally offered. 

Done. Yaaay!

Her name is Haddie, she was born on June 24th, to parents Waverly and Hickman. She is a full yellow lab. Paperwork is being sent for shipment on August 31st, so we have a lot of fun and hard work ahead of us as soon as we park our car in the garage at the end of this vacation. We are all smiles.

Oh, and the CCI rep stated three times over our two phone conversations that, "She's really cute!" But I suspect that all CCI Puppies are really cute! 


  1. I remember the feeling with my first pup, Dembre! I was SO excited about puppy raising and I've never regretted that decision!

  2. I was directed to your blog by Horbat's puppy raiser (Haddie's Brother). I am the breeder caretaker of Waverly and we have been fostering Haddie this past week. She is a cutie and will be a wonderful puppy for you to raise. If you have facebook, there are currently tons of pictures of Haddie as well as the rest of the litter on my facebook page. I look forward to hearing of her journey with your family.