Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wait

We are less than 48 hours away until we are responsible for a very cute furry friend. The kids and I have been gathering supplies here and there over the summer, but today we completed the suggested must have's from CCI.
Our adorable beagle inspected every purchase and didn't seem to mind about a new brand of dog food smell, but had an opinion about the large dog bed. It is still positioned on the kitchen table. I'm not real sure where to put it, and I would rather she not be in it. The less she claims of CCI's items as hers, perhaps the better.

I know the bed will swallow up the tiny pup, but I also know that they grow fast. It was a deal at the store and it matches the colors in our house (most important, right?), so I had to purchase when we saw it. Now, just where to put it.
We are planning to use the wisdom of the nice woman that did our interview at our house in June. She suggested the more times we claim out loud and in our head that this puppy is not ours, the easier it will be to turn in upon completion of Puppy Raising. It still will be difficult and emotional, but it takes away some of the sting.

So, we have purchased all leashes and collars in the CCI blue color with this advice in mind. Consistently reminding us that this is CCI's dog and has the potential of being a Super Star one day upon graduation. Our beagle's accessory colors have always been black - matching her markings.

We are constantly talking about the CCI Puppy, not Our Puppy. We are already calling her Friend, versus Our Girl. We are setting our mind on the fact that we are Volunteering, we are not owning or keeping.

I wanted to write some of these thoughts down before the cuteness arrives - in order for me to come back and remind myself if necessary.

The Wait has been fun - but I want the Journey to begin ... we are ready.


  1. Welcome to the world of a puppy raiser! I'm so excited that you found my blog and I am able to keep up with Haddie's Adventures! Hobart is a great pup and I'm sure that Haddie will be great, too.

    God bless,
    Elijah (& Hobart II)

  2. Great to see another "newb" in the world of puppy raising. We just turned in our first pup; Ansel III a few weeks ago. The 2nd pup will be soon!

    Good luck and enjoy the ride.

  3. I love your mindset! If you go in saying over and over, "this is not my puppy." It makes turn-in so much easier. I was able to put my first pup in the kennel and say, "I raised you to prepare you for AT. Now I have finished my assignment!"

    P.S. have you seen pics of Haddie! She's Adorable!

  4. Thanks for the support, Elijah and Mark! I rec'd a message from Leann and became her friend on FB. We just saw pictures of Haddie - oh my goodness she is so adorable!!! WOW!! This is going to be fun!! =)