Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome, Haddie!!

The cuteness arrived this morning at Alaska Airlines Cargo building. We were greeted by Caryn and Dan, a very nice and supportive welcoming team. They are volunteer Puppy Raisers with CCI and are working with their third dog (if I remember correctly).

They had great tips and tricks for us, and gave us a sweet welcome bag of dog food, a toy, a cuddly-soft pink blanket, and the all important poopy-scooper-bags. Not only that, but Caryn was so kind to jump right in and clean out Haddie's kennel while we bonded and took Haddie for a potty break.  It was so nice to have an experienced couple welcoming us and helping us pickup Haddie!! It made for an extra festive moment.

Where do I begin ... pictures ... and stories will come later ....
Upon arriving home we found a surprise Welcome Home Haddie sign, toys on the kitchen table for Haddie and Cora, (people) Puppy Chow and homemade frosted Puppy Cookies, and silver balloons .... from my awesome parents. It was a true surprise and so appreciated! My mom included a mirror on the sign and Haddie went right to it with her nose touching her reflection. It was so cute, but too quick for a picture.
Sigh - the butterflies are gone and we have our friend home. Now we can start our friendship and positive working team. Ya!


  1. YAY!!!! She looks just like Hobart II! May God bless your journey as a volunteer puppy raiser! Puppy raising has been one of the biggest blessings in my life!!!
    ~Elijah & Hobart II

  2. Thanks, Elijah!! I have already looked into her eyes and had a little teamwork chat ... and as I looked I imagined doing the same the day we return her to CCI. I know you can relate and read between the lines on that one ... this is going to be an amazing journey - we are so grateful.

  3. What great pictures! and puppy breath is the best. Enjoy the ride, it is like no other!

  4. What region are you guys in? I saw your training classes post so I assume you live by one of the centers! And I assume your you don't live in North West, because Haddie flew to you.

    Just wondering,
    Elijah & Hobart II