Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Haddie Camper

We purchased an RV in August. Haddie was away at the Kennel when we took our first trip in September, so this past weekend Haddie was home and ready to go. It was so fun having her part of our adventure, knowing it will be the last before she turns-in in February.
Originally we thought we'd be driving her to CCI College in the RV, but knowing the uncertainty of the winter driving conditions from our house to California, we have changed back to our original plan of driving her down in our trusted four-wheel drive vehicle, and staying in hotels (where she may or may not be spoiled with a sleep in a bed or two with her Puppy Raisers. Shhh.).
Haddie was in typical rock star status. No Puppy Raiser will ever really know what takes place in College, how their puppy will react to all things new and more demanding, but if she were to go through the test in our area - I would bet money on the fact that she would pass.
I feel as though sometimes my blog writing is nothing but awesome-about-Haddie of recent months, but it is the truth and I can't make up naughty because it just isn't there. I'm not sure if age and two heat cycles have significantly played a role to her mellow and cooperative character, or if all CCI Pups around this age just mellow-out and fall into place. Regardless, I am feeling pretty thankful at the ease of Haddie.
Selfishly, I think the biggest YAY moment was that she did her Hurry command in true Hurry Fashion. That was awesome because the weather was either raining in the evening, or windy during the day. Having to take her out while snuggled in our RV, not dressed for a walk, was a good-thing that she was a Hurrying kinda gal. We were in and out in 30 seconds. Good Haddie!!!
Walks with Haddie were adventurous. She enjoyed the Christmas Tree smells of the woods, and other smells that we didn't find, but she did. She walked the windy trails with us, and watching her ears flap in the wind made us laugh. She wasn't so sure about that one, but went with the comedic routine nonetheless.
If she didn't know the Under command prior to this weekend, I am sure there is no questioning it now. She held her Under the table throughout the times when she wasn't in her Kennel. The RV is not "that large" to accommodate the four of us and the large of her, so it was best that she enjoyed her personal space under the table.
Her kennel fit snuggly between my side of the bed and the wall. She enjoyed having her sleepover in the dark of the night, and quiet time when we wanted to go on hikes without her. It was good experience for her to be in the kennel, in a new environment, without us visible. 
While we were driving we clipped her vehicle-harness to the table (just as she rides in our car). The perk to the RV was having my son at the table, playing with her and giving her back rubs until she fell asleep as we drove down the freeway.
Whomever her Forever Family is, I hope they consider future camping adventures with her - she really is a great companion no matter where we go.


  1. Way to go Haddie and fam. What a versatile pup you are. Spoiling your puppy raisers like that! :) You'll do awesome in college and someone will be immensely blessed to have you in their lives.

  2. Thanks, Lisa!! Sometimes I wonder if her extra-mellow behavior might not make a match. I hear they have to have somewhat of a drive, and that is one thing she doesn't have (unless a Frisbee is involved -watch out!). She'll do what she's asked, but not sure how driven/excitable/energetic she is. We'll see!! Excited to see what her progress reports say in College.