Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Lion

Haddie has a swag about her that reminds us all of a Lioness.  At first we thought it was a puppy-thing, but she has maintained her swag throughout her growing months. Look at a Lioness walk, and that is our girl Haddie; slow, methodical, with a rhythmic motion of left, right, left, right with a touch of a circle bump to keep it going.

So when it was time to figure out this year's Howl'oween Costume for the upcoming 4H CCI party, my girl immediately suggested a Lion. I quickly found one online, and it totally works!! Haddie will just stand still, not knowing if she should move or not, which adds to the hilarity of it all. Oh the fun we have with our Puppy in Training!!!

Introducing, Our Lion!

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