Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pool Puppy

Yesterday my son turned 12 years old and part of our day included socializing Haddie to the Bowling Alley, Pool Hall, and Arcade. She had her game-face-on during the entire adventure.
My girl was "in charge" of Haddie during this outing. I figured she would put Haddie in a Down and clip the leash around the leg of a bench while we played Pool. But rather she insisted that Haddie follow her around the Pool table, with a Sit in a Heal position whenever it was time for my girl to use the pool stick. Haddie got a work out; walk-sit-stand, walk-sit-stand, walk-sit-stand.
Haddie did great - and my girl wasn't too bad either with her first time playing Pool.
My son is a sucker for wasting coins away at the Arcade. Thankfully, Arcade use is always few and far between, and it was his birthday. Haddie followed my girl around here too, not phased with the noises and lights. Haddie had her biggest Arcade experience back in the Spring when my son and I made a field trip out of taking her to the biggest and loudest Arcade in our area.
For what it is worth, I am confident to say Haddie has been desensitized to Arcade life.
A fun 12 year old day with Haddie. Not sure what her future holds, but she has been a great first puppy in training ~ willing to go with the flow no matter what we do.  Nice work, Pool Puppy!!!

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