Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cora Helps Haddie

Recently, we have been hanging low with Haddie as it seems she brought home a cold from her three week vacation at the kennel. Sigh. Thankfully it is nothing major in regards to her care; some pills and eye drops, but it was advised that she play hookie from her training, rest, and watch TV (the vet really did say that - funny).
By the time we clued in that Haddie's mellow-ness was now turning into not feeling well, she had already kissed our pet a few times and nuzzled her way into her face. Although colds are contagious between the four-legged kind just as it is with the two-legged, we are just hoping our Beagle has a higher immunity threshold and will fight the germs already shared.  So far so good.

While the kids are away at school, the furry friends are under my watch. I will say the perk to Haddie so far in not feeling well is that she has been perfect with our pet, Cora. That has not always been the case. Never causing harm, just plain annoying! Something we have really had to work on.

Haddie now accepts that Cora can move without a 55 pound shadow, that Cora can jump on the furniture without a yellow fur ball up-close-and-personal behind wondering why the Beagle is choosing to move away, and that Cora can even play-run through the house without a high speed pursuit from the lanky puppy. Okay, the last one is still being worked on.

We have always tested Haddie to see who she favors between Cora and us, and thankfully she can always be called-out of curiosity with Cora. In that regard, we feel that she is still with in the boundaries of CCI. However, it is a lot of added work having two instead of one.
And then it hit me today as I found the girls on the stairs together ~ I think Cora is really the perfect Big Sister match for any CCI Puppy that comes in our home. Cora is so gentle, and extremely mellow. She portrays this Right vs Wrong mentality on how to behave, and has mastered her stink-eye to get her point across when puppy behavior is out of line.

It is becoming more clear to me that Cora has a big influence on Haddie's mellowness. Curious to see if Cora changes for the next puppy, or if the puppy changes as a result of Cora.

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