Sunday, September 2, 2012

Costume at the Fair

Following my son's surprise of winning Grand Champion in Showmanship at Fair with Haddie, my son entered a "for fun" Costume Contest. The rules were that the dog and child needed to be a team, and that the costume had to be homemade.

My son had previously showcased this costume at last year's Halloween Party at our 4-H CCI Class. It was originally made by my daughter and my mom for our Beagle five years ago, but because Haddie was just a wee-little-puppy a year ago, it totally worked for her too.
We didn't think much about her growth and packed it in our bag for Fair. The pumpkin collar continued to fit, but the headpiece was rather snug. Thankfully the Contest was not that time consuming and it worked for the short term.
 My son was the Farmer with his Prize Winning Pumpkin. It created a fun chuckle from the crowd, and he won a Best in Division ribbon and trophy!!
My son's first day of Fair was complete, a strong win for both entries. He couldn't have been more excited and proud of his teammate Haddie and all the success they had made together.

Haddie was finally off-duty close to dinner time, which meant she snoozed on the bench with other 4-H kids and dogs while we were allowed an hour dinner break. My son and I walked the Fair enjoying our dinner of Baked Potato for me and Stir Fry for him. We just couldn't do the traditional Fair Food - we needed our gut to keep us going; we still had five more hours to go!
Or so we thought -

Living 1.5 hours away from Fair, and my son's younger age compared to others in the group, he was dismissed to go home with Haddie at 8p. We were quick to "get outta there" as we knew that we'd have another early wake-up to start our trek back to the Fair for day #2.
Although Haddie slept the ride home, the two humans in the car were pretty excited about our day which kept us awake and chatty all the way home.

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