Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Outing post kennel


No photos to share, but Haddie was soooo good today. I know there is a honeymoon period when she returns from a Puppy Sitter or Kennel, so I have been soaking it all in.

We ran an errand before meeting a friend for coffee. Haddie walked right beside me on an extremely loose leash through T*rget. I stopped in the Pet Aisle to purchase a new bone for her (somehow her bone never made it back into her vacation bag from the Kennel), and unlike other trips, this time she did not pull me down the aisle. She walked patiently, and as a result I treated her to sniffing the pet food bags before turning the corner to the next item on my list.

There was a mom with two toddlers who happened to keep bumping into Haddie and I throughout the store. I heard the mom's comments of "Don't pet the puppy" and the oldest child's continuous "Why?" questions every time I passed the three-some.

Side note: I hear these comments all the time. Sometimes I get vibe that I should not interfere with the parent's teachable moment - some parents seem to know a lot about Service Dogs! Kinda neat. Other times, I get the vibe that I could be the teachable moment, and stop to let them pet the puppy.

I was at my car taking Haddie's bone out of the wrapping when the mom and toddlers stopped at the car next to mine. The mom was loading her purchases into the car while she mumbled again, "Don't pet the puppy" with the son replying, "Why?". I had to smirk the other way. Oh, it made me miss my kids as Toddlers.

I waited for the mom to be done loading the bags and then I casually asked if they would like to pet the puppy.  Smiles galore!! But guess who pet the puppy? Only the mom!! Haha!!

The kids were too shy, they stood next to Haddie, but wouldn't touch her. The mom, was all over Haddie, and Haddie just soaked up the love. Sweet.

The coffee shop was b-u-s-y!! And somehow between all the business people over their computers, and meetings, and newspapers, and reports - they all seemed to find Haddie. She got the most attention in (1) two hour period than she ever has out in public. It was a perfect attitude day for Haddie - so I said Yes to everyone who asked to pet her.

Haddie never licked the floor, or any human, during the course of my two hour date with my friend. Haddie was so calm - it was so enjoyable for me!! I think my friend explained it best; "Look at her. She just gives forth so much love. Something about her - she's so calm - but her eyes are so deep, and so loving." She was right - Haddie has this look of wisdom and zen to her today. It was adorable, and calming all at once.

I think every one at the coffee house wanted to take her home. But I was the only lucky one that got to. A perk to having to give her back in February - everyone wants her, but only our family gets to raise her.

Afternoon was about running the backyard Frisbee-style and getting her very well deserved energy break and praise for an excellent first outing post kennel.

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  1. Nice job, Haddie! I'm glad you're home too, have missed reading about your adventures!

    Sometimes we just run into a full store of people who HAVE TO meet the puppy, don't we? Haha! Dante was sooo horribly distracted by people I had to completely stop the petting. Just in the last week or so has he gotten lots better and I have let a few people pet him. I do love to see people's faces when I say yes :-)