Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Haddie Returns

We have been Haddie-less for the past three weeks and today was the day of Haddie's Return. The kennel where Haddie was placed is a solid 2 hour drive to the middle of beautiful nowhere. After dropping off the kids at their respective schools, setting up my cd player in the car, I started the drive North.
It was slow going to get started as the heaviest commuter traffic was not far from my house! After that cleared, it was a long, but smooth sailing forward.
I stopped for a coffee break fifteen minutes before arriving at the Kennel. I was too nervous I would get lost if I took any Exit prior to find a *bucks, so I just waited it out.  And this is where the drive turned really beautiful. It drove through countryside and along water inlets. At times, I was the only car on the road, but I kept checking the occasional road signs to be sure I was still where I needed to be.
I finally reached the Dead End that went into the secluded drive of the kennel. I was so excited!! I have been telling friends and family it was similar to the scene of the You*ube video of Christian the Lion being reunited with his peeps.  Yes, Haddie came bounding out of her kennel to me, jumped to reach my arms, and immediately wrapped her forearms and paws around my two arms, stretching to reach my chin to snuggle. Oh, my heart!!
She settled down enough to get her outside for a final run with a toy and bathroom break, then the owner of the kennel said goodbye, and we were off starting our two hour journey back home. She immediately settled down and fell asleep the whole way home. It felt good to hear her breathing behind my seat.
Home for a bath, ball time while she dried out, and then I found her parked right. here. I think she missed the carpet, and the quietness of our house. Kennels are loud, and while they serve a great purpose for our puppies in training, it isn't the same as being at home. I think she is equally as happy to be back.

The kiddos showered her with love and kisses when they got home from school. Our family is complete once again. Love having a Puppy In Training under our roof.

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  1. Haddie-less does not sound fun! Glad she's back with you :).