Monday, September 17, 2012

Helping Hands at Fair

4-H is good about teaching responsibility, and our club takes that learning very seriously. Every child was expected to help at our bench area and were assigned times that the kids' chose for themselves. My son picked later in the afternoon times so that all of his events had already been completed and he could just focus on his job.
Sweet Haddie
It is titled Herdsmanship and the responsibilities included sweeping the floor and tables from dog hair, changing out the dog water buckets, straightening all the supplies, tossing unwanted garbage, answering questions from the Public, checking on dogs on the bench whose raiser was on a scheduled break, and taking a turn at the Pet Me Table.  Much to do to keep your assigned hour(s) moving.
Working with puppy Rue
 The rules were in place, no parent's were to help the kiddos. The assigned parent's responsibility was to sign kids in and out if they were to leave the bench gate. Otherwise, the kid's club, the kid's responsibility. Loved it - and it worked well!!
Puppies are so much fun
The kids worked together. If there came a conflict of times with a member doubled up on showing in the ring with a scheduled Herdsmanship time, it was never hard to find a replacement on the bench. Kids were eager to wear the green apron and do their part.
Haddie loving the backrubs
My son was a natural at the Pet Me Table. He enjoyed spending time with the puppy on display and answering the many questions from the public. He has this smile about him that shows confidence, and approachability.
Haddie soaking up the attention
It was also fun to see him in action sweeping up and carrying the big buckets of water to and from the outside area. Thankfully, he enjoys keeping busy, so this was right up his forte.
Sweeping the blond hair of Skilled Companion, Trina, off the bench
I'm glad that 4-H isn't all about the dogs, and there are built in Helping Hands and Responsibility into the program. Those are the types of experiences that will continue to benefit him as he grows into a very capable young man.

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