Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Outing

This week our CCI class enjoyed a holiday outing at an outdoor mall. It poured rain sideways,  catching some of us still under the overhang covering, and the wind was blowing some to add a touch of more bitter to the already cold night. But when you are surrounded by good people and amazing dogs, it is easy to continue to have fun under any weather condition!
The pups were expected to do a number of commands, similar to last year's outing at the same location. Last year Haddie was just shy of six months old and would not do an Up command on anything. It was a real struggle for her last year. This year, as it should be, she was breezing through all that was expected of her.
Minus one moment when she would not jump onto the bench with the other dogs. Had she gone up when it was commanded of her the first time, she would have had dibs on her space. But because she was lacking confidence and would not jump, other dogs were jumping up and taking her spot. Now, she had to jump and fit into a tighter space. Haddie likes her space.
The Trainer took over and made her get into position - and then we got this really cute photo!! Yes, Cat and Haddie could not stop lovin' each other.
We ended the night cozy'd into the St*r$ks with all our dogs underfoot. It was fun to overcrowd the coffee shop and have all the dogs flopped here and there in neat little piles at our feet. What a fun experience to take our puppies everywhere together!!


  1. So great! I went back and read about your trip last year (really, I'm not a stalker). What a difference a year makes, huh? Haddie is such a good girl!

  2. HaHa, Hannah!! I thought about linking it when I was typing, but then forgot! =)