Thursday, December 6, 2012

Secret Friends

It has been stated that I am not really sure that my pet Beagle, Cora, likes our CCI puppy. While Cora is older by six years, she certainly is not the one that controls the rules between the two. Cora is a lover that just wants to cuddle and that's it.

Haddie is a lover too, but she'd rather jump around Cora and get her enthused for a roaring game of chase. There have been countless times when Haddie will give up her favorite ball to Cora, encouraging the girl to pick.up.the.ball. to have no response from Cora. It is visibly frustrating to Haddie, you can see her look as if to say, "Are you serious? I am offering you my most prized possession and you won't even accept my gift?!" Then Haddie starts the crazy dance and takes back the ball all the while Cora continues to stare at her.

My son had been playing around with an App on the iPad that allows you to take single photos, and then stitch them together to make a video. He captured this moment while Haddie was on a tie-out chilling with her bone, and Cora's blanket. It is only during tie-out moments that Cora initiates the love to Haddie. Perhaps it is a sign that Puppy Play is not her style, but a more mature sharing of time is.

When I first saw this video, I admit to getting an eyeful of tears. The sweet music, and the genuine love that the two share comes through. Even in this video, Haddie is offering the blanket to Cora and Cora does not respond. One day, I keep telling Cora, you will miss this yellow, energized, furry friend.

I know I will.

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