Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa and Haddie 2012

Haddie was one special puppy this week when she got to visit with the big man in the red suit; twice. Santa Claus came to all CCI Classes in our Region as part of a community service project (we all donated a huge amount of non-perishable foods for Santa's favorite food bank). I am chuckling as I say that Haddie was the only puppy to kiss Santa. The. only. puppy. Sigh.
I think she just wants something extra special in her stocking this year. Probably much bigger than a bone or toy; perhaps the perfect forever family match!! Okay, I can't really mind her kissing Santa for that idea.
Yesterday, we were invited to attend a two hour block at a Special Santa event for disabled children. It was a huge event held at a large church nearby our CCI Classes. One of the women on the board of this organization who hosted this event is a recipient of a service dog for her son, and so she had the connection to invite our group to this event.
It not only was the best kick-off to the Christmas Season for us, to see all the adorable children dressed up to see Santa, and "wait" in a highly organized room of activities and crafts (and puppy petting), but it was a real treat to know we were making a difference by educating the parents about CCI, and sharing the love of Haddie with those that wanted to pet and love back.

Haddie was a little keyed up for the first twenty minutes at our station, but she held her excitement with consistent four feet on the floor and head positioned at a correct level to not interfere with personal space. She was wiggly and wanted to break her downs and sits, but once she settled, she reallllly settled for the next hour and forty minutes. I know this picture makes it look like she truly passed-out, but she was still breathing, I promise (smile).
From there, any person coming to pet and love Haddie received a very mellow pup - the pup we are used to handling out in public and around our house on her best of days.
Before we left, we were invited to Santa's workshop for a photo. My kids and Haddie had their photo taken with the big guy, and we will receive a copy in the coming days. I will share when it is received; it is adorable.

However, Haddie, once again, went crazy over Santa Claus. She wanted to jump in his lap, whisper her wish, and give him a kiss again, but this time we were prepared and corrected her with a to sit on the floor with minimum wiggly-buns. It worked, but only after she tried so hard to get her way.

(Looks like I will be mall hopping to get her used to Santa's this holiday season. At least (?) she isn't fearful, just overly enthusiastic. Nothing high value treats can't fix, right?).

I love Haddie. I am going to miss her personality of high toddler energy, and her extra calm manners when it matters most.


  1. Oh how sweet - sounds like some priceless pics! I don't think Cricket has ever had her pic with Santa come to think of it!

  2. Aww, Becky, maybe this is the year for Cricket to meet Santa!! =)