Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CAN She Do It?

My kiddos are involved with the 4-H side of CCI and last night was another comical night in 4-H'ing. I have never thought of using Tuna Cans as a training tool. You should have seen the puppies and kids working together to stack their cute little paws on the can - lots of smiles.
The purpose? Well, the 4-H club goes to County Fair every August and part of the days' events while there is Showmanship. I have not been to too many AKC Show events to say whether the stacking of the dog in 4-H is identical or similar to AKC, but for the purpose of this post, let's say it is identical.

Having your dog "look pretty" and showcase their perfect stance is key to getting high marks during this one phase of judging. Using Tuna Cans allows the pups to "get" where they need to place their feet, and trains the handler to spot positioning when the cans are eventually withdrawn.

As I sat on the sidelines last night, I thought this would not be a bad exercise for any Puppy in Training. Odd surface - check. Having legs touched and manipulated - check. Stand Command - check. Stay Command - check. Looking silly - check.

Haddie was not a huge fan of the Tuna Can stance, but she humored my son and participated for brief periods of time. I am not so sure they even have the positioning correct in this photo, but I had to take my opportunity when it was presented. Haddie was more interested in playing Dominoes with the cans alongside my son when he became equally disinterested in the exercise. Sigh. Two peas in a pod.

CAN she do it?! Yup!


  1. I just love reading your updates! Haddie sounds like an incredbile dog and you have done such good work with her (that I can see from this blog!) Do you have your next puppy assignment? Lisa came and did my home interview last month and now I'm just waiting on pin's and needles for the call that they have a puppy ready for me. I need to start attending classes weekly now, as I've been going intermitently since the beginning of October...but seeing all those puppies makes me even more anxious! I am excited to hear how Haddie does back at CCI...and I look forward to eventually meeting you and whoever you're raising!

  2. I can not wait for that phone call for you (and us)!! Maybe we will get siblings - oh my goodness, that would be so fun!! The earliest we asked for the next puppy to arrive is Feb 27th, so counting backwards - the pup could have already been born. So exciting to think about. Thanks for the vote of confidence in Haddie - crossing our fingers. It will be interesting to see her puppy reports and how she chooses to behave in AT.