Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee and Art

Yesterday's adventure for Haddie was a stop at St*rbuck$ for some chat with my dear friend from college before walking down the street to an Art Museum. This friend has been an amazing example of support all-things-Haddie-related. She is always up for a new adventure when we get together, pacing where we go based on Haddie's age. Walk in the park? Sure! Walk through a mall? Sure! Coffee? Sure! No matter where, she is always putting Haddie first in what we can expose her to.

She knows that I know that she would make a fabulous puppy raiser. I won't try to convince her again by typing any more words that this would be a wonderful fit for her family. The timing just has to be right. I really do get that.

Haddie was more fidgety than normal during our hour coffee stay. While she didn't create a scene or cause numerous amounts of head turns (I think she blended fairly well), she just could not accept her place as Down, nor get comfy while there. It was more work and distraction for me than what I am used to. We even moved to a different spot in the coffee shop - that still didn't help.
We then left and took her down the street to the Museum. Haddie must have been craving some culture because she was awesome in the Art Galleries. She walked up flight after flight of stairs; which these sets were new to her because the stairs were very gradual, so it was different spacing for her - and she rocked it.

The no dog sign posted next to the no photography sign, no cell phone sign, no eating sign, no drinking sign, did not deter us from moving forward. I am happy that while Haddie does not qualify under the Law to be out in any public forum, I am so proud that she behaves to splendidly that she "qualified" and every security guard on every floor just left us alone.

After awhile I kinda forgot that Haddie was with us. She stayed in a Heal, and when I stopped she would just stand there - for minutes not moving - waiting for Let's Go. When I asked her to Sit, she would, to Back, she would ... it was just very relaxing.

Until the times when my friend and I just wanted to sit and gab. Back to fidgety-Haddie. For whatever reason she just really wanted to be on the move yesterday.

I can tell when an outing has been stimulating for her, when she's worked hard perhaps mentally to her environment, versus physical activity, because she will sleep the rest of the day. Yesterday was one of those days. Upon Release at home, she was a rag doll on the carpet. Cora was most happy. She loves Haddie this way. Some days, I do too.

I was most pleased that Haddie behaved in her first Museum experience - one of the moments where I am most thankful for a puppy that does not Speak. Curious if our next pup will carry the same trait. It is a great perk!
What a fun "finale" with my dear friend and Haddie.

Thank You, J., for always being a supporter of any adventure that I take on - for always being my cheerleader, for the laughter, the questions, the interest. You are a huge part of Haddie's journey. Thank you for being who you are and being part of my life, and Haddie's life too. 


  1. Churry is always exhausted after outings, too! Even if it's a simple outing. We always joke it must be exhausting to be intently concentrating on "Don't lick that, don't try to talk to that person, eyes on mom, stay at her knee, don't paw at people petting me."

  2. Absolutely! I forget that "part of it" - always thinking I have to wear her out physically, but mentally works just as well sometimes. =)

  3. Oh what a wonderful friend. Wishing you all the very best in this part of the journey. You are awesome!

  4. Thanks, Becky! She is an amazing friend - the kind everyone should have in their life. And *side note* although she is not a blogger, she found your blog from my blog and LOVES your posts. She shared this with me the last time we were together. Made me smile. =)