Sunday, January 20, 2013

No Running!!

The pictures say it all on this post. The young pup ready for her adventure just nine days into her life with us as a CCI Puppy in Training. The later photo taken today on a very cold 33 degree walk on the dock at the same park. My how much she has changed; from her crooked muzzle from the gentle leader, to a very proud and seasoned Pup in Training. She is ready for that warm California sun on her fur and the next journey in her chapter with CCI.

You Go, Girl!!

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  1. Wow. I haven't been on my blog in forever. So much has been going on. I just was browsing the internet when I remembered your blog :). I remembered you guys would be turning in your pup in February! I wanted to let you know that Halo and I will be there, and we will be there with our next adventure Spunky. I will be the one with the full golden retriever 9 week old puppy. I shouldn't be too hard to spot! Hopefully we can catch you before or after the ceremony.