Monday, September 16, 2013

Kibble Challenge - 8 months

For those that follow social media and have seen Kolby's sister, Kira, rock the Kible Challenge a few weeks ago - this was Kolby's and my attempt. And for those who don't know what I am referring to - Miss Kira was laying down on her side. Completely relaxed, and her amazing Puppy Raiser painstakingly put Kira's Kibble side-by-side all the way around Kira in an outline format.

Beat that!

Well, I knew that I was not going to get Kolby to lay on his side and hold it in the middle of the day. I could do that now, at 9pm when he is zonked out in a side-down-position. But he is squeezed up against the wall in his usual, and favorite, hang out evening spot. I still could not put kibble in an outline around him.

So I went with what I knew he could do - set him up for success. He did. He rocked his Down, and never bothered the kibble.

The problem came when his two-legged-leader could not get the kibble down quick enough before he shifted his weight. According to our Contract Trainer, a down is all four-elbows on the ground, so if they decide to shift their hip or shoulder to the left or right, or move their front paw to the left or to the right, it still counts as a Down, no correction necessary.

Imagine - I am almost done outlining his second front paw and Kolby moves it to the Right, shifting kibble and making it look messy ~ as if I had just thrown the kibble at his feet (that was for you, Cassie!). Start over. Almost done and the Smart One decides to shift his weight to one hip moving his left paw to the Right. Start over. Now I am working extra quick and just trying to get the kibble down, no worries about them touching, and then grabbing my camera to snap one before Mister decides to shift weight again.

Snap! Done!

I scooped up the kibble, and made my two hands into a bowl, gave the Release command to Kolby, who did not waste time popping up and coming over to eat from my hand as I declared, "KIRA WINS!!"

It is harder than it looks for the two-legged. Go - try Kira's Kibble Challenge!!

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