Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Ranch

R* Ranch has changed so much in the last six months. This is the place where I took Haddie repeatedly with the hope of her getting used to the smells of Ranch-life in an amazing store that sells all things animals and farm and awesome. To get you caught-up, Haddie was the worst in this store, her nose and excitement always got the best of her. She was spot-on in all of her other outings, but the Feed Store at R* Ranch gave her a challenge!
I was curious how Kolby would do; being so amazing on a loose leash his entire short-life, I was curious if he too would pull and I would find that Haddie was just being "normal" and not a stinker.

He didn't pull, but his tail was going a thousands miles an hour. He was in heaven - I have never seen him wag his tail so hard and for so long. It was adorable!!
I did the usual route of walking up and down every aisle, allowing him to sniff and explore so long as his tongue stayed in his mouth and he didn't pull. He was awesome. I bought him three different packages of treats before we headed home.

The Ranch has a new U-Dog Wash room which is incredible!! I will be taking my pet beagle there to try it out first, and then it will be Kolby's turn to give it a whirl. They supply all the works; the tub, the towels, shampoo and dryers, and who knows what else because every station was in its own cubicle and totally decked out. It'll be fun for photos and a good experience for both dogs. The kids are excited to come help with that.
I think I could seriously work at R* Ranch. It is a family owned and run business, everyone is friendly, it is so clean, and the list goes one. Wouldn't it be fun to dress like a cowgirl and enjoy some farm life every day with Kolby by my side?!

I know - it is probably a lot of hard work, but I like to dream.....

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