Tuesday, October 1, 2013

He can do it

The last week and a few days have been less than spectacular in our household which means that Kolby has had to do a lot of waiting around with barely a spec of an adventure. We had a medical emergency with a very close family member that took us out of the house for very odd shifts, and I am so happy that my parents were able to fill in the gaps with all-thing-children-and-puppy-related.

During that time, Kolby proved that he can do it!! He can hold his own when we are gone. He can allow someone else to come let him out for breaks. He can maintain his puppy-status as if we never were gone. He can jump right back into routine when we are ready. He can remember all of his commands. He can do it!

One of the perks of feeling so sorry for this adorable puppy was the purchase of the largest bag of carrots at Costco, with the thought of some yummy goodness in our recipes, but also for Kolby. I have heard that it is a tradition, thing to do, common for Canine Companions puppies to receive a carrot before bed. I was willing to give it a try.

I had thought that Kolby would devour the carrot. Literally in a moments notice the entire carrot would be gone.
What I got instead was a highly confused puppy that held the carrot for some time like a stick. Once he figured out that maybe it tasted super-duper good, he nibbled like a little rabbit on the carrot, thus making a huge mess on his towel. It was highly entertaining, and I would do it again - but not every night. This Mister is messy and nightly laundry is not my style.
Carrots will be for those long weeks where things just didn't go our way, or for the highly awesome rewards after a day well done. Kolby and Carrots go together - he can do it!!

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