Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October, already

I thought my days with children were going at a rapid pace, but my life with puppies seems to be going even faster. Today marks Kolby's 9 month birthday. Nine months ~ I have made it to the terrible teen weeks, or something like that.
And while Kolby is going through a not-so-stable-naughty-streak, he continues to be very sweet and lovable. I wouldn't trade him in for any other puppy. His eyes melt me, his head tilting gets my heart, and his absolute goofy side of full-on-playfulness cheers up everyone in our house. That says a lot, because when a naughty puppy can make you turn your head to let out a giggle, that is saying he is one cool puppy. 
We have been on adventures, but I wouldn't say that they have been anything to talk much about. The traditional errand buddy, he is my companion through many grocery, warehouse, and department stores. He is my favorite puppy to go on walks with because he simply walks himself. There is no tugging, there is no forging, there is nothing but a steady stream of cuteness by my side. Love! his! walks!
So, all-things-Kolby is going on a steady path and there is hope on the horizon for his difficult, strong-willed-side that he can pull on us at home. More to come at a later date about that. But overall, I say he is close to being at that perfect stage of reinforcement until the end of his stay with us.

Oh, and he weighed in at 62.8 pounds today. Happy 9 Months, Kolby!!

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