Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where is Kolby

Unfortunately, there has been some sadness in our Chapter when our beloved Puppy in Program, Lago, received quick news, after a quick turn of medical happenings, that ultimately shortened his life. Today our chapter is remembering Lago with a proper and full military memorial service at our Chapter's Joint Base.
You see this beautiful puppy named Lago was the first, along with his brother Laredo, to be raised at the Joint Base Military Correctional Facility. Under the watchful and highly capable guidance of our Trainer, this group of men and women Soldiers have cared for, loved much, and shared deeply with Puppies in Program, Lago and Laredo, to create a fantastic training environment. The program is soaring with success within the correctional facility, and ultimately with the Canine Companion Puppies they are in charge of training and returning to Santa Rosa.

While under the direction of the military, both Lago and Laredo received rankings higher than their two-legged counterparts and handlers. They are Private First Class military men and are treated as working soldiers. So today Lago was laid to rest in a full military ceremony fit for any soldier who braved the path of life. Today Lago rests in the hearts of many he changed, touched, and made smile with his adorable puppy face, and wisdom beyond his years.

It was decided within hours of Lago's passing that Kolby would step in to fill the paws of Lago for a short time. To sooth the emotions of those who had worked with Lago daily, to provide new challenges to keep their strength going, and to provide Laredo with a companion after the loss of his brother.

I thought I was ready to say a two-and-a-half week goodbye to my Baby Mister, but as I loaded him into our Trainer's car last night after class, for him to go to the Base today, I was really sad. I might have gotten a few eye rolls from my Teens, but what else is new, right?! The thought of a mini-vacation from Puppy Raising sounds good on email, but in reality it is just hard!

She had me lift him up into the wire crate that was situated in the back of her tall Jeep. She helped lock the crate door, made an appropriate joke to keep the mood light, and shut the vehicle door. But in the instant that that all had transpired, I should have not looked at my puppy-dog's face; his sweet Golden Retriever eyes hung in a look of disbelief. You know the look, the one that says, "Why aren't you coming with me?" 

I know Kolby will be in fantastic, high capable hands. Kolby will thrive. He will get one on one attention 24/7 from men and women that have been accepted into this program because they show leadership, and remorse for their wrongdoings, they are ready to prove they are capable of re-entry into society, they are strong willed, highly motivated. They are perfect for Kolby's current teenage stage.

I will think of Kolby daily - and write more frequently to get caught up on all the things I have neglected to write about Mister. There is much to say. I will stay busy. And I know Kolby will stay busy too.

Today marks a sad day on Base, but I pray that a little love from my playful, mischievous, extremely smart, highly capable, and ultra-loving puppy will heal their heart, but never replace Lago. And if Lago looks similar to Kolby, it is because they share the same dad. Half-brothers teaming to do good in this world.

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  1. Oh wow, so sad about Lago, but what a way for Kolby to shine with his amazing canineness to share his sweet nature as a dose of compassion for those soldiers. (Now to figure out why my feed doesn't update when you post)