Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Retriever in Kolby

I am enjoying the Retriever-side of Kolby. You give him anything to carry and he turns into one proud, prancing, tail-wagging puppy. We went to the mailbox today, and I handed him a Kohl's advertisement to carry back to the house. He did - tail waggin all the way - and not a spec of puncture wound on the ad. Kolby is awesome.
I then separated the mail and had him walk around the house delivering it to various family members - all unscathed with a Drop when commanded.
The Retriever side of him that loves to carry, doesn't destroy, and has a job to do is fantastic. It is so different from Haddie who was not a carrier - and would look at me with a tone in her eyes that said, "Really?!" if I asked her to pick up anything off the floor that was not her red ball. I am not sure what the trick is to getting her to work-this in Advanced Training, but apparently she is doing it, because she has yet to be Released. 

The Retriever-side of Kolby makes me smile. 

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