Monday, February 17, 2014

6 months

Recently I counted on my fingers that we have 6 months remaining with our Mister and now we are down to 5 months (one hand) and some weeks because another seven days have passed since the last count. The feeling of "there are so many more things I want to accomplish before he leaves" is settling in at an alarming rate and expedited nature. For those that do not Puppy Raise, you may be thinking ... "Uhhh, drama ... five months is a long time!" Let me reassure you, no. it. is. not.
My goodness, it felt like Kolby just arrived and we are already nearing his one year anniversary in our house. As with children, the more you have the more life travels at a quicker pace, and puppy raising #2 went much faster than puppy raising #1. I know what to expect and how this all works now, I think that is why the wheels are set at mach speed. Not fair. 

But I will tell you what is fair ~ days like today when we are cuddled together with Kolby on the floor and he is completely content. He too knows the routine and expectations and we are kinda sailing on the same page now. Or, also like today, when my son decided that the rain storm outside meant play time inside and enjoyed an exhausting game of Hide and Seek with Kolby. The laughter was addictive for the humans in the house witnessing the fiasco, and the sideways, hanging out tongue was proof that Kolby was enjoying it too.

Side note: I always thought Kolby's nose was very good at locating things, things I hadn't even noticed are scouted out by Kolby. I have figured in the back of my mind that if he is not suited for Canine Companions, then maybe a transfer to the Police Academy for Bomb Sniffing would be up his alley. That dream building has come to a complete stop per today's Hide and Seek episodes. The silly dog could not find my son any of the time. Oh please, Oh please, Oh please just stick with Canine Companions, Mister!!

So while bomb sniffing may never be in his future, one thing is for sure - Kolby is the most patient and loveablist dog I have ever raised. He is genuinely a people person, as I have said many times, and his people skills are what will win over the hearts of his trainers. No matter his chosen Career ... with or without Canine Companions ... he will make his people proud. He will brighten someones day by just being with them. 

Right now he is curled up - by choice - at my feet as I type. Completely relaxed and content. What a good friend. 

So 6 months and counting will be filled with continued socialization, solid command work, and plenty of lovable time with our Mister. 


  1. Haha it's hilarious but NONE of them ever think to use their nose! It isn't just Mister Kolby! I've worked with diabetic alert dogs as well as search and rescue and despite what you may think, they really have to be taught to sniff things out! Don't give up on him in that area yet;)

  2. HA!! Thanks for the heads-up. I know some training would have to be involved, but didn't know it was more common than not.